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  1. heymikey80 commented on Gary Varvel almost 2 years ago

    Silly to think that socialists have a monopoly on neighborly support.It’s not love of neighbor that leads a government to steal from one group of saving citizens to give to another group of spending citizens. You’re from across the Atlantic though, I guess you’ve not noticed that taking property from individuals is stealing … wonder when that was abandoned.

  2. heymikey80 commented on Gary Varvel almost 2 years ago

    You’ve gotta be kidding. The Plymouth Brethren point out that even today they reject this silly, simplistic view of the situation around Massachusetts Bay.

  3. heymikey80 commented on Lisa Benson almost 2 years ago

    Then Boehner needs to go. 3d party will never fly, but it’ll lose us the Bill of Rights.

  4. heymikey80 commented on Mike Lester almost 2 years ago

    We’re on track to double the debt by the Pres’ end of term.

  5. heymikey80 commented on Bob Gorrell almost 2 years ago

    Libs: “Bush was so powerful, he left a legacy Obama can never reverse.”

    Conservatives: “Libs had too much XTC in college.”

    The reality is too obvious.

  6. heymikey80 commented on Jeff Stahler almost 2 years ago

    great, chastisement for one side, but the other side must change.

    “We can’t negotiate with those who say what’s mine is mine and what’s yours is negotiable.” With the party of Kennedy violating its own principles for power, I’m not really optimistic.

  7. heymikey80 commented on Steve Kelley almost 2 years ago

    Just fun to watch. Obama approves the message that giving people “health” insurance against the morals of those paying is being “anti-women” or “anti-choice”. Then they claim letting people keep what they own (a Constitutional right, btw) is “bad”, and should be taxed away.

    Human liberty is what’s under attack.

  8. heymikey80 commented on Mike Lester almost 2 years ago

    Love this!

  9. heymikey80 commented on Henry Payne almost 2 years ago

    Love the southern drawl prejudices voiced by the lefties.

    Even the Washingcompost has given credit where it’s due to Fox reporting the facts and itself, faltering.

  10. heymikey80 commented on Michael Ramirez almost 2 years ago

    Great comic, Ramirez. The Democrats had more control of Congress than anytime back to WW II, and couldn’t change. Why, the national debt climbed over 50% in 4 years, and continues to the tune of $4B / day. Economy remains drowning in gov. red ink — and we don’t want the Pres’ to continue on his failed path.

    “Forward” is into the brink. “Forward, the Light Brigade!”