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  1. tigre1again commented on Skin Horse about 3 years ago

    ALSO her recent snack of brain tissue has mostly worn off…

  2. tigre1again commented on Pearls Before Swine about 3 years ago

    Polish women are GREAT.

  3. tigre1again commented on Non Sequitur about 3 years ago

    There’s that shellfish, or fish, in the Bahamas…dried and ingested by ‘victim’ makes them a shambling, obedient “it”…supposedly THAT’S the origin of zombies.

    The victim “dies” and is buried by grieving relatives, and the witch-person digs them up and revives them from a coma…voila! service for life.

    Yeah, I know: one of those bits of reading from a childhood of ransacking encyclopedias.

  4. tigre1again commented on Doonesbury about 3 years ago

    I got asked a couple of times to write a book of my “adventures” in Special Forces. Truth ? my stint was FINE, probably a lot like everybody’s Army time. Dull except for the training.

    Except no women in the outfit. Except for the ones who’d show up for the regular games of “Smile”.

    The ‘write a book’ types really wanted the Red Rascal. I like truth myself, which is why I joined…

  5. tigre1again commented on Prickly City about 3 years ago

    By the way, conservatives…on page 1189 of Webster’s New Unabridged…you remember Webster, the AMERICAN who codified the language? on THAT page you will find MAYAN.

    It’s an adjectival form…go do something to yourselves adjectivally.

  6. tigre1again commented on Prickly City about 3 years ago

    2 points about conservatives: they always suck up to the rich and attack the poor and helpless, but the good thing is they’re dumber than their furniture.

  7. tigre1again commented on Prickly City about 3 years ago

    Never try reason with today’s ‘conservatives’…don’t show them the facts, either. I had some luck with hiring a part-time fat Elvis impersonator who also did Rush imitations and socked them pretty good with REALITY.

    But they woke up and wanted to know when he was leaving the country and could they go too. So we dumped a van load of Tea Freaks at the airport and drove away.

    They got a ride back into town with a visiting group of mentally-disabled students in their forties from a ‘special’ school, and fit right in. They told me yesterday they finally felt that they had “found” America.

  8. tigre1again commented on Agnes about 3 years ago

    Re-pent…re-pent…means…“Put your pents back on”, everybody knows THAT.

  9. tigre1again commented on Get Fuzzy about 3 years ago

    Yeah, it’s funny. Funny thing, I’m more liberal than thou even at Unitarian meetings, BUT BUT BUT I trust the current Russian government even LESS than Bucky.

    Putin? Pussy Riot? Shutting off fuel to Europe in winter? yeah, that’s the same jerks as the cold war, except in slightly younger bodies now. (Got that? creepier than Muppets…)

  10. tigre1again commented on Doonesbury about 3 years ago

    Jeff wants to return to the ’20s when…adventures were possible on a low budget. Or even the 60s. Ever notice how “out of time” and “fish out of water” action heroes are?

    Drones and cellphones and implants etc have made individual initiative of that kind sooooo obsolete…