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  1. tigre1again commented on Skin Horse 4 months ago

    Hiatus…a long one. Over MY birthday. Doggone it.

  2. tigre1again commented on Dilbert Classics 4 months ago

    Three, max.

  3. tigre1again commented on Doonesbury 4 months ago

    Cowards, afraid of their shadows, being told they are in danger…none of their kids have been taught to duck and cover under their desks! We ALL were. No fear there, but plenty to fear.

  4. tigre1again commented on Skin Horse 5 months ago

    That;s her “I’m in over my head”, look. Rare to be viewed on Sweetheart. If she didn’t overhear and understand implications of phone call, that is. Otherwise she’s about to ‘own’ someone, and own them good.

    All agents are good at rough’n’ready stuff. Capable of physically dominating. Sweetheart would LOOOOVE to make a bust..

  5. tigre1again commented on Skin Horse 5 months ago

    I’ve gotten hooked on the strip. Maybe the best I’ve ever read.
    When I was a kid I got into ‘POGO’, which I enjoyed but never understood the political satire until many years later.

    I hope there’s no subtle current political comment here, other than the obvious…otherwise I’m STILL not ‘getting it’.

    Man, I enjoy this strip! Thank you so very much!

  6. tigre1again commented on Non Sequitur 5 months ago

    Newsflash…it’s all probably apple! and artificial coloring. What the heck…you know how appealing blueberries are individually. You think those profit-grabbing makes and bakers are willing to smoosh up blueberries so they can call it something? You won’t know the difference anyway, and there’s much more money to be made in fresh blueberries, salads, plates, etc, where it’s not so easy to fake and fool the oink-oink consumer…

  7. tigre1again commented on Skin Horse 5 months ago

    Oh yeah…he had the funny/phony story of why he’s here at all.
    He IS up to something…tee dum! And as usual, thanks for the regular blitz of dynamite stories and style, with some wonderful characters…his extraordinary behavior provides Dr. Lee with all the answers to adulthood, by a roundabout method.

  8. tigre1again commented on Doonesbury 5 months ago

    Funny stuff, for a lifetime na├»ve, ignorant idealist. You see, I had left my religion, and fell in with the ‘civic religion’ of citizen involvement. Out of one cult into another. Political campaigns are a permeable social membrane, people are unified and purposeful: mostly admirable traits are on display…a local political campaign is a feel-good example of what America should be, a depth experience in human interaction…you find out what your neighbors WANT and whether you can trust them in other business interactions, etc.

    If you know what influence really is and study it, it’s a very great experience. Also lots of fun people. It becomes a very select local club, going a long way to manifesting ‘a more perfect union’ as the Preamble to the Constitution says is one of the prime reasons for the U.S.

    Working on a local election campaign among volunteers is like attending an exciting field trip in school. Meeting locals, informing and presenting a message…excellent training.

    Lifetime American. Adrift in a rapidly changing world, finding comfort in the rationale which energizes campaigns…enthusiasms arising organically from my fellow Americans…restores, ultimately, my faith in the Original Creator. Vox populi, vox Dei…(that may not be right. Have no Latin at all)

  9. tigre1again commented on Skin Horse 5 months ago

    “You gotta try this stuff.It’s snakebite medicine,,,we throw in a free snakebite…”
    Quote from Pogo.

  10. tigre1again commented on Skin Horse 5 months ago

    I’ll say something like that to someone soon. I must make the opportunity…