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  1. MrsSnape commented on The Wandering Melon about 21 hours ago


  2. MrsSnape commented on Lio about 21 hours ago

    I remember the song and vaguely remember teh show…

  3. MrsSnape commented on Pearls Before Swine 9 days ago

    Talk about self-righteous – my guess is that the convention would be chock FULL of religious people!!!!!

  4. MrsSnape commented on La Cucaracha 11 days ago

    Nothing fails like prayer

  5. MrsSnape commented on Dilbert Classics 15 days ago

    It’s called the National Organization FOR Women! Not National Organization of Women.

  6. MrsSnape commented on Tom the Dancing Bug 18 days ago

    It’s like every other religion out there…

  7. MrsSnape commented on Pearls Before Swine 18 days ago

    Oh yes, it makes MUCH more sense to believe that the world was created by an invisible sky fairy.

  8. MrsSnape commented on One Big Happy 23 days ago

    My sister and her family used to live in St. Louis and when her twins were little they used to love it when they would go to St. Louis airport and watch the “pairplanes.” So cute…

  9. MrsSnape commented on Brevity 24 days ago

    Sing along with me “I’m a little rascal, on my little rascal.” This used to be the jingle for the Little Rascal scooter. It is very appropriate here.

  10. MrsSnape commented on FoxTrot Classics 24 days ago

    So God sent himself down to earth to sacrifice himself to himself to save humanity from himself. Yeah, good luck with that!