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The Argyle Sweater by Scott Hilburn

The Argyle Sweater

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  1. MrsSnape commented on Lio 2 days ago

    We’ll jussssssssst have to wait and sssssssssssssssee……

  2. MrsSnape commented on Pickles 7 days ago

    What did the Coke can do to make him so upset?
    Made him fat?
    Gave him Type II diabetes?
    Gave him cavities?
    The list goes on…

  3. MrsSnape commented on La Cucaracha 7 days ago

    Hobby Lobby doesn’t want to pay for some forms of birth control for their employees citing their religious beliefs. Yet Hobby Lobby invests in, and allows the employees to invest in via their retirement plans, the very same companies that MANUFACTURE these birth control devices! Hypocrisy – thy name is Hobby Lobby!!!!!

  4. MrsSnape commented on La Cucaracha 10 days ago

    Anyway you look at it the bible is all nonsense

  5. MrsSnape commented on La Cucaracha 11 days ago

    And I want equal time for my theory that the world was created by benevolent fairies that live in a well on Jupiter.

  6. MrsSnape commented on One Big Happy 14 days ago

    Ruthie and James, I now… I mean I KNOW what you mean :)

  7. MrsSnape commented on The Bent Pinky 15 days ago

    Hilarious! Say hello to Professor Snape in the background!

  8. MrsSnape commented on Tom the Dancing Bug 15 days ago

    Just read where Hobby Lobby invests in the companies that manufacture the birth control devices they don’t want to “provide” for their employees. Hypocrisy, thy name is Hobby Lobby!

  9. MrsSnape commented on Half Full 20 days ago

    How come no ones wearing a “Members Only” jacket???

  10. MrsSnape commented on Thatababy about 1 month ago

    DADA” is also a generic form of some ADHD medications