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  1. MacDiver commented on My Cage 5 months ago

    That would be Dr. McNinja from the webcomic Dr. McNinja. He solves problems through violence and occasionally cures strange diseases.

  2. MacDiver commented on My Cage 6 months ago

    They brought Fruit Brute back last Halloween season. A lot of people at the store I was working at were confused by it, as they only knew about the Count, the Mummy, and Frankenberry. I figured with the retro style boxes they were using that year, he might have been discontinued a bit before they regulated the cereal to being Halloween only.

  3. MacDiver commented on My Cage 6 months ago

    Sounds like they are in need of pre-marital counseling. There seems to be a lot of issues they can’t say to one another.

  4. MacDiver commented on My Cage 6 months ago

    As long as you avoid writing the Superior Spider-Ham, I’ll be thankful. Actually, your attempt may be less irritating than the year long crud Marvel pulled with the main Spider-Man series. Go for it. Contact them and see if they’ll let you write it.

  5. MacDiver commented on My Cage 6 months ago

    Unfortunately, he also suffers some of the “nice” guy behaviors as well. His early interactions with Maureen highlight this. While he is a caring father and a hard worker, his inability to interact and view the opposite gender in healthy way will continue to hurt him in romantic pursuits. Also, going along with Max’s plan to cheat on his then wife instead of seeing a relationship counselor does not help his case.

  6. MacDiver commented on My Cage 6 months ago

    I am not sure why she would have dumped him. Putting up with his crap should have been natural for a dung beetle.

  7. MacDiver commented on My Cage 6 months ago

    I was told I looked like the guy who played the president in Independence Day, Bill Pullman. Better him than Seth Rogen or Jonah Hill.

  8. MacDiver commented on My Cage 6 months ago

    In the past I created web comics and indie video games. I’m also working on a few mock ups for some board games I want to get made. As for occupation, I am currently unemployed. Prior to that, I was a retail cashier for over 3 years, performed web development for the US military on a short lived government contract, and worked as a receptionist for a medical facility. No work within the creative fields or using any of my 3 degrees. Not even my MS in Human Resources.

  9. MacDiver commented on My Cage 6 months ago

    Or he could be sick. People tend to get sick more when depressed or in generally unhappy situations. And there is nothing happy about being stuck in a dead-end job that you hate.

  10. MacDiver commented on My Cage 7 months ago

    I think he is referring to a previous comic where Norm and Jeff are talking about certain traits their un-evolved ancestors had that they lacked. In that comic, Norm talks about finding out that the his spiked barbs were a hold over from a poisonous feature that had become benign and vestigial with evolution.