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Shoe by Gary Brookins and Susie MacNelly


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  1. Craig66 commented on Luann 27 days ago

    I don’t like this. I wish there were way to be notified when it is over.
    Somehow it just seems failure to try but not draw the characters as they was back when.

  2. Craig66 commented on PreTeena about 1 month ago

    He is just a promiscuous puppy.

  3. Craig66 commented on Luann 2 months ago

    I wondered if Toni toned Brads pointy head down slamming it against the headboard.

  4. Craig66 commented on Luann 3 months ago

    He did look surprised when it blew.

  5. Craig66 commented on Luann 8 months ago

    Kind will be in before any rescuers arrive..
    Or they find her later at the Mall.

  6. Craig66 commented on Doonesbury 8 months ago

    I second the motion.

  7. Craig66 commented on Doonesbury 9 months ago

    I smoked a joint before class once. – Got asked a question. I gave a long detailed answer and never smoked before class again.

  8. Craig66 commented on Pat Oliphant 10 months ago

    There is a ‘good’ pope today?
    Is that a “good” fruit on that old tree?

  9. Craig66 commented on Luann 11 months ago

    Ah – youth.
    That was about the point that we’d stop seeing each other.
    I never reacted well to that BS.

  10. Craig66 commented on Luann about 1 year ago

    I was thinking she looked like her mom.