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  1. Craig66 commented on PreTeena about 1 month ago

    Usually a comic ends and I delete the link. – I been looking at this ending with my regular comic read for days now.

    Illegal? – Used to be ind many places.
    My daddy was one to pull over and want to fight black man driving with white woman.

  2. Craig66 commented on Luann about 1 month ago

    His head was pointer than that when they met.

  3. Craig66 commented on PreTeena 4 months ago

    Changed the shirt?

  4. Craig66 commented on Luann 5 months ago

    Brad turning away?

    Brad should be drawn with the old pointy head.

  5. Craig66 commented on Luann 7 months ago

    Some new regular characters?

  6. Craig66 commented on PreTeena 9 months ago


  7. Craig66 commented on Alley Oop 9 months ago

    Just checking in after deleting this strip from my shortcuts some time back.
    Looks worse than ever.
    Buh bye.

  8. Craig66 commented on Luann 11 months ago

    I don’t like this. I wish there were way to be notified when it is over.
    Somehow it just seems failure to try but not draw the characters as they was back when.

  9. Craig66 commented on PreTeena about 1 year ago

    He is just a promiscuous puppy.

  10. Craig66 commented on Luann about 1 year ago

    I wondered if Toni toned Brads pointy head down slamming it against the headboard.