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  1. bhebert007 commented on Luann over 1 year ago

    Either that or Tiff stole her acceptance letter and replaced it with a fake.

  2. bhebert007 commented on Luann about 2 years ago

    Can’t believe the ridiculous comments on here. Women shouldn’t have to walk with someone just to not get raped. Men walk around shirtless all the time, when they go running or when they just get too damn hot. If you think women are to blame because of how they dress or even that they should take more precaution then you’re obviously not a respectable person. I shouldn’t have to be any more cautious than any man.
    Aside from that though, I don’t think Crystal’s comment was to blame Tiff, I think it was more to instigate like she always does I mean Rose didn’t dress like Tiff and she kept getting harassed. Besides, I think Evans just wants to bring light to the issue, not point blames on victims. The weeks not over yet!