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  1. spooked wolf commented on Doonesbury over 3 years ago

    Pls forgive my non-political, and probably mundane, remarks, as follows:

    I can hardly curb my enthusiasm (in fact I can’t) at seeing the original-ish characters back on the strip! E.G. Zonker (with, unfortunately , Zipper, but o well); an entire Sunday strip with Mikim, and now today’s. In fact, I am so ecstatic, that I shall even include the odious but also fairly r original Roland. And then there’s Dubya’s cameo! Woot and huzzah!!

    On the other hand, Roland seems to be drawn differently. Or maybe his age is finally catching up with him?

    And WHY and/or WHEN did Mike’s glasses start being drawn under his nose?! Must research this, which will be a lot of fun a.k.a. a trip down Memory Lane.

    Okay everyone, back to you. After a while, though, don’t you think that the political comments get a little old? As in beating a dead horse? Just sayin’’

  2. spooked wolf commented on Pearls Before Swine almost 4 years ago

    Dear Pig

    I’ve always wanted to know: are you perchance related to Christopher Robin’s Piglet? Regardless, your ambivalent audience here can always count on your low i.q., your unintended but hopelessly funny puns, and your sweet nature.

    Sincerely, Spooked Wolf

    Now, can anyone guess who my favorite character is?

  3. spooked wolf commented on Doonesbury almost 4 years ago

    Synchronicity! Before I saw today’s strip, today I was going to comment thusly: Why not just rename the strip (something like, Doonesbury: the 2nd Generation, or, Doonesbury: the Disappointment) and be done with it? I get SO bummed out not having the original characters taking center stage.

  4. spooked wolf commented on Doonesbury almost 4 years ago

    Returning to the comic strip itself: Remember a few months ago how Alex wanted to have a nose more like her BFF than her dad’s? Well what I noticed was not so much a glow as a shorter, slightly less angular nose. So I thought her announcement would be about the schnoz, not a pregnancy.

    Also: TWINS??? How are they going to raise them, broke as they are? Egads.

  5. spooked wolf commented on Pearls Before Swine almost 4 years ago

    Ohhhh. This is as beautiful & touching too, & completely apapro. Thank you deepstblu!

  6. spooked wolf commented on Doonesbury about 4 years ago

    Reruns this week, from at least a couple of years ago, methinks. And yet, as apt today as ever. BTW I love GT’s wry humor, even under the blackest (no pun intended, srsly) of circumstances.

    This set of strips reminds me of my own son, an Afghanistan vet who’s finally acknowledged & worked w/the worst of his PTSD & has been able to get a good job, (along w/well-earned perks from being in the Army) & even buy a house!

    Way to go, my boy! And likewise, all the other vets who have clawed their way to some semblance of normalcy. (Actually he’s done a better job his mom, i.e. yours truly)

  7. spooked wolf commented on Doonesbury about 4 years ago

    I’m bipolar, hence, the slight emotional extremism of the following NON-political remarks. (Y’all do so well in your comments/arguments/and other displays of…. um… intelligence/stupidity. I thought something “artistic” might be a pleasant change…)

    Imagine my initial euphoria at finally seeing Mike D. himself in all 4 panels of the comic strip! Woot! Imagine my crash into despair at looking more closely. Daa-um! Is there a different artist doing these strips? ‘Cause this most definitely doesn’t look like my main man Doonesbury. I know he’s supposed to look older, but the illos still don’t look much like him. Foo. Anybody know what’s going on w/the fate &/or ook of the strip? Has Trudeau handed it over to someone else?

  8. spooked wolf commented on Pearls Before Swine about 4 years ago

    Poor Goat cannot win for losing, it seems. Perhaps he should consider a different Animal Farm? (I will be searching with him). Meanwhile, dear, passive Pig appears to have swallowed some Rat poison!

  9. spooked wolf commented on Doonesbury about 4 years ago

    I wonder if Duke is Pinnochio in disguise. Notice how his nose has grown since 08july1974? Hee hee. Mr. Trudeau really likes those elongated schnozes. Being extremely long snouted meself, I have no complaints.

  10. spooked wolf commented on Doonesbury about 4 years ago

    Yayyyyy! Not only a cogent criticism of Ryan’s warped ethics and politics, but Mike & Kim are baaaack! Huzzah! Wish expressed 2 days ago fulfilled! snoopy dances