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  1. ybmps commented on Dick Tracy 11 days ago

    Now that I look at today’s panels again, it’s interesting that Mysta has her hand to her mouth while she’s watching Diet smoke, and right after we see the panel reminding us of how she smoked in her previous life. Maybe something subliminal being hinted at here?

  2. ybmps commented on Dick Tracy 11 days ago

    I agree, Notta was way better! And with a killer figure, too.

  3. ybmps commented on Dick Tracy 13 days ago

    I realize Posie is Mysta’s father, but putting her life in danger by crashing his car into hers is not the action of a caring parent. Pushing his way out of the car to commit assault and battery against her and refusing her repeated requests to let go is also indicative of a violent man who doesn’t deserve my sympathy. Good for Mysta that she can take care of herself. It’s always fun seeing her in action.

  4. ybmps commented on Dick Tracy 15 days ago

    That’s the way I see it, too. Posie was driving to Smith Industries to see Mysta, and lo and behold, “There She Is!”

  5. ybmps commented on Dick Tracy 27 days ago

    Thanks for the poem, Pequod. I enjoyed it! It’s clever and has a good meter.

  6. ybmps commented on Dick Tracy 27 days ago

    Mysta is wearing the same costume in both scenes, and her arm is quite a bit darker than the rest of her body in the second one. This tells me she’s wearing gloves. I think it’s a coloring mistake, too. Which is not a big deal, because otherwise it’s a fun Sunday.

  7. ybmps commented on Dick Tracy about 1 month ago

    The changes wrought by Moon Maid’s DNA continue, a development I find especially exciting, if not unexpected. Haters shall hate: it is who they are. Bellowthon was a vile creature, full of judgment and spite. It is no crime to be relieved that the threat to Honeymoon appears to have died with Bellowthon. Mysta glances at Tracy over her shoulder, luscious locks swept aside to reveal her bare back. Her concern for Honeymoon’s safety is paramount, and she trusts Tracy’s judgement on the matter. I couldn’t be more pleased with this week’s strips. What a great time to be a Tracy fan!


    On a more positive topic, well done, Pequod! I’ve enjoyed this week, too.

  8. ybmps commented on Dick Tracy about 1 month ago

    “To be glad someone is dead is very telling.”


    I may regret posting this, but as others have said, I simply don’t see Mysta being “glad” that Bellowthon is dead. It’s a distorted characterization at best. Mysta doesn’t look happy, and there’s a world of difference between what she actually says, “I’m not sorry she’s gone,” and something like “I’m glad she’s dead! Whoopee!”


    What Mysta says is perfectly understandable given the circumstances. It’s a snapshot of the emotions she’s feeling right now, not a testimony that she’s callously unsympathetic in general about people who’ve been murdered. Mysta has for weeks been extremely concerned about Honeymoon, who has been publicly attacked by Bellowthon as a “menace” both in Congress and no doubt the press. Now that the person who has been demonizing her friend is gone, she’s not going to shed any crocodile tears. This doesn’t show Mysta to be “fake” and not “pure” and “malicious,” it just shows that she’s not going to play the hypocrite, and pretend to be feeling something she is not. How such a statement has been turned on its head and presented as evidence that Mysta is somehow gleefully celebrating someone’s death is, I’m sorry, ludicrous. I don’t care for the derisive and insulting speech in the post, either.

  9. ybmps commented on Dick Tracy about 1 month ago

    Besides the body language and expressions, she’s been moving around the scene, too. First facing Tracy on Tuesday, then alongside him, then facing him again, then with Tracy to her back, and so on. Nice work by Staton!

  10. ybmps commented on Dick Tracy about 1 month ago

    avenger09 said, “We shouldn’t forget that Mindy was obsessed with being Mysta.”


    When was that ever established? I read the original Posey and Mindy Ermine story a few days ago. I saw no indication that Mindy was “obsessed with being Mysta.” Mindy sometimes dressed like Moon Maid and finished second in a Moon Maid lookalike contest. But the only thing she was fixed on was being regarded as pretty (“just like a high fashion model”) and winning beauty contests.