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  1. Thisfox commented on Endtown about 1 month ago

    Brace yourself against what? He keeps saying it, and all I can think is… Okay, is that “hold onto each other” or “find some way to brace against the rounded walls of this ephemeral blob” or what? His words confuse me.

  2. Thisfox commented on Endtown 5 months ago

    Step 1: Google “Automat”.
    Step 2: Go on a wikiwalk of some distance, and forget what I was originally out looking for.
    Step 3: Decide Automats are what I saw in Tokyo last time I was there, and not an establishment for washing clothing, like I thought it was (I was thinking Laundromat).
    Step 4: Try to understand why “it wouldn’t work”. Automats appear to work just fine. Although the American obsession with paper instead of coins for dollar and two dollar units would cause issues.
    Step 5: Consider whether I thought it was a laundromat because that coat really needs a clean….

  3. Thisfox commented on Endtown 6 months ago

    He’s a doctor. Instead of thinking of himself, he’s thinking of the greater good.

  4. Thisfox commented on Endtown almost 2 years ago

    It’s 38 degrees here too, mate. But the Celsius sort. Summer being what it is. Happy New Year, I’d forgotten all you lot were so far behind us. 2015 is looking fine and dandy. :)

  5. Thisfox commented on Endtown over 2 years ago

    Heh. Well, not Wally, but still… Knew someone was going to be in there.

  6. Thisfox commented on Endtown over 2 years ago

    ….Wally isn’t in there is he?

  7. Thisfox commented on Endtown almost 4 years ago

    @Jenner did ANYone mutate into a plant? Do we know if they did? Interesting problem that.

  8. Thisfox commented on Endtown about 4 years ago

    How is her path any more clear than anyone elses? What is enviable about it?

    Poor lass. She had plenty of alone time in her suit, she’s not used to having so much contact all the time like this. She needs some alone time to get her head back in order. I know the feeling… it’s sort of a “people overload”.

  9. Thisfox commented on Endtown about 4 years ago

    Shouldn’t she be eating eucalyptus leaves instead of beans? I mean… everyone else would consider them not to be food so… perhaps there are some somewhere, right?

  10. Thisfox commented on Endtown about 4 years ago

    Heh. I love Millie. When Trigun first came out, one of my Uni mates said “hey look she looks like you” so I cosplayed her, and she’s been my avatar ever since. I thought you were wearing The Paper from Read or Die… now I’m not so sure who?