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  1. Bman73 commented on Pooch Cafe 6 days ago

    @DennisinSeattle… ah so they were… didn’t even clue in those strips last week are 10yrs old.. wow. Guess he took vacation. :)

  2. Bman73 commented on Pooch Cafe 7 days ago

    ok wait, on Saturday, there was no cast.. in fact it wasn’t even part of this story arc…which I thought the sympathy poncho storyline was meant as done…. and now we’re back to the arc, with a cast on? Was Saturday’s strip accidentally slipped in?

  3. Bman73 commented on Pickles 3 months ago

    that first balloon should be pointing to Earl

  4. Bman73 commented on Pooch Cafe 3 months ago

    do you realize this storyline started 2 weeks ago today? And it started with poncho and his owner sleeping nude in bed.

  5. Bman73 commented on Garfield 4 months ago

    i guess we all ignore the fact that Liz is having lip injections these days.

  6. Bman73 commented on Pooch Cafe 7 months ago

    Why are dogs at a ‘people’ restaurant?

  7. Bman73 commented on Pooch Cafe 11 months ago

    Why does this dog need walks? We see him all the time at Pooch CafĂ© or having other adventures independent from Chazz etc… ;)

  8. Bman73 commented on Pooch Cafe about 1 year ago

    @Dry and Dusty, I think you missed my point yesterday.. I meant the bottom of the “lifted” part of the doghouse.. i have a visual, but can’t seem to upload??
    Probably have to pay. But at any rate, otherwise, why raise it, Poncho would just walk down steps… because it’s for our benefit.. i’m just saying the visual makes for sense with a faux floor.

  9. Bman73 commented on Pooch Cafe about 1 year ago

    I know lifting the dogs house is for the audience’s benefit, but Paul, wouldn’t it make more sense not showing it having a hollow bottom? It would be a more effective ruse if it had a floor, then lifting the house makes sense. The way it is now with no floor, the house does not need to lift up…Poncho could just walk directly down the stairs

  10. Bman73 commented on Pooch Cafe over 1 year ago

    too funny, but i can’t help thinking yesterday and todays ‘crashing’ scenarios are based in the 1950’s, 60’s..