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  1. CXA commented on Tom Toles about 1 month ago

    Where is Tovarish Stalin when you need him. He knew how to take care of enemies of the people

  2. CXA commented on Joel Pett over 3 years ago

    So far that policy seems to not have worked. Duh?

  3. CXA commented on Kevin Kallaugher over 3 years ago

    Here we go again, another episode of WMD, except this time its chemical weapons. If there is credible evidence that CW has been used by Sadat, then do something, but no boots on the ground. No more war. The US isn’t the only cop on the beat.

  4. CXA commented on Michael Ramirez over 5 years ago

    Time to nationalize all US airlines under strict international regs and rules with real service a criteria.

  5. CXA commented on Stuart Carlson almost 6 years ago

    The rich never learn–they’ve forgotten all about the guillotines.

  6. CXA commented on Steve Breen almost 6 years ago

    Just how much of his alimony payments will he ask the government to pay if he is elected?

  7. CXA commented on Tony Auth almost 6 years ago

    How dare they even think of taxing the rich–they haven’t stolen all the money yet!

  8. CXA commented on Bob Gorrell almost 6 years ago

    Typical bigoted view of Islam. I’ll take the radical folks in Egypt any day over the twisted sister neocons.

  9. CXA commented on Matt Davies almost 6 years ago

    For once a president sided with the people instead of Corporate America stooges like Batista, the Shah and Saddam.

  10. CXA commented on Tony Auth almost 6 years ago

    Ok, now find 50 or 60 more GOP pervs… . .