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  1. miersmat commented on Soup to Nutz 11 days ago

    i read the comics to get away from politics for at lease a few miniutes very upset with this i will delete this comic from my line up,and better TRUMP then a killer crazy liar called killery…

  2. miersmat commented on Dan Wasserman 27 days ago

    clinton is a liar and a killer i cant see how anyone could vote for her…

  3. miersmat commented on Cow and Boy Classics 29 days ago


  4. miersmat commented on Dilbert Classics 30 days ago

    i would be glad to do any work that the illegals are doing

  5. miersmat commented on Stone Soup about 1 month ago

    when they tresspass on your property trying to find some nonficktioal thing,i get a little bent,stay off the property

  6. miersmat commented on The Elderberries about 1 month ago

    lately its been nothing but cow pie…

  7. miersmat commented on Dan Wasserman about 1 month ago

    most of you must be dumbocrats or have hade your head in a hole four americans died clintin was in charge and you want to just forget it or not belieave it,how stupid are you if your famialy member was killed and it could of ben stopped but wasnt you would demand answers,go ahead and vote for killery and get more of obummer…

  8. miersmat commented on For Better or For Worse 2 months ago

    aaah nothing like a good smoke after dinner,

  9. miersmat commented on The Elderberries 2 months ago

    almost as bad as entittledment…

  10. miersmat commented on Marmaduke 2 months ago

    i love the smell of just opening a new can of coffee,aah