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  1. Barry1941 commented on Luann about 3 hours ago

    I don’t think it is marriage itself, THE MARRIAGE ceremony that has her overwhelmed. She needs to stand up for herself and tell Brad what she really wants, likewise her brother needs to be told in no uncertain terms not do dump his daughter whenever she is an inconvenience to him.

    BTW where is the kid, left in the car???

  2. Barry1941 commented on Luann 5 days ago

    Usually it is the woman that wants a big wedding and the guy goes along for the ride so to speak. That is what my daughter’s wedding was like. My wife told me in no uncertain terms to just shut up and pay the bills as they came in.

  3. Barry1941 commented on Luann 5 days ago

    I have heard that building a house can put people in divorce court but I wonder how many clashes over wedding caused the wedding to be called off?

  4. Barry1941 commented on Luann 6 days ago

    I thought it was her worthless father that promised swimming.

  5. Barry1941 commented on Luann 7 days ago

    I helped raise my two kids and I must say that children (even at the age of 6) must understand that they can’t have everything they want all the time.

  6. Barry1941 commented on Luann 9 days ago

    To me it’s #1. Also with a father like she has the kid should be used to disappointment.

  7. Barry1941 commented on Luann 9 days ago

    I thought Luann was one of the bridesmaids?

  8. Barry1941 commented on Luann 11 days ago

    But Jonah uses that to manipulate Toni and get what HE wants.

  9. Barry1941 commented on Luann 11 days ago

    Manipulate——control or influence (a person or situation) cleverly, unfairly, or unscrupulously.

    The one thing that creep is apparently good at.

  10. Barry1941 commented on Luann 13 days ago

    She might as well learn sooner rather than later that her father is a jerk that really cares about himself. For that matter just why does such an irresponsible father have custody?