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  1. ThePupUnbound! commented on Lisa Benson almost 3 years ago

    “C-c-c-cuh…c-ash? B-b-b, b-b-b-but I thought we don’t need that no more. I voted for Obama – he says I get it free now… Don’t I?”

  2. ThePupUnbound! commented on Steve Benson almost 3 years ago

    Is this a what is the meaning of “is” question, Anthony? Because you can be “on top of the world” and still be stuck in Chicago…or Detroit… Or you can be “Top Dog” and still be a little Chihuahua with a Great Danes femur in your jaws. But, after what I saw the Libs pull over the weekend, Anthony … I’m sure you’re not interested in accurate polling let alone what being “low in the polls” means for the future of this democracy.

  3. ThePupUnbound! commented on Steve Benson almost 3 years ago

    If Republicans are so low in the polls – why do they always land on top of the Democrats?

  4. ThePupUnbound! commented on Clay Bennett almost 3 years ago

    Yes, I know the worst is upon us while the Libs and Dems continue their attempt to repeal reality… But I have some hope that the Republican leadership and average American still know where their best interests lie.

  5. ThePupUnbound! commented on Tony Auth almost 3 years ago

    Did “the rest of the world” vote in the 2012 elections? I know not officially… Let them form a Democracy or suitable Republic and then I’ll consider their bitc- I mean, complaints.

  6. ThePupUnbound! commented on Robert Ariail almost 3 years ago

    Don’t kick ’em: Just CAN ’em, period!

  7. ThePupUnbound! commented on Matt Wuerker almost 3 years ago

    It’s not a show…Instead, it demonstrates what a dangerous level of independence from oversight the elected elitist class has in America.

  8. ThePupUnbound! commented on Dana Summers almost 3 years ago

    They should claim to be “partners” and file a discrimination lawsuit against the USA.

  9. ThePupUnbound! commented on Ben Sargent almost 3 years ago

    Some animals also elect a runt to die rather than feed him…Should we follow nature now, FENNEC?

  10. ThePupUnbound! commented on Scott Stantis almost 3 years ago

    No wonder he looks orange…the Dam Libs have been breast-feeding on ’im too long.