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Pibgorn by Brooke McEldowney


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  1. gekk0 commented on Real Life Adventures about 1 month ago

    Looks like her left wrist is broken…

  2. gekk0 commented on Bob the Squirrel 5 months ago

    But what was that coil thing in her right hand yesterday?

  3. gekk0 commented on Reality Check 5 months ago

    From the name on the box, I’m guessing that it’s a whoopie cushion.

  4. gekk0 commented on The Dinette Set 6 months ago

    The siren IS going off, folks…

  5. gekk0 commented on Barkeater Lake 6 months ago

    Looks like a pull tab on his back, like talking dolls have.

  6. gekk0 commented on Barkeater Lake 12 months ago

    I like Chuck’s “CUL DE SAC” shirt.

  7. gekk0 commented on The Fusco Brothers over 1 year ago

    You bet your sweet a$$ I am! You owe me a drink, Viper…

  8. gekk0 commented on Real Life Adventures over 1 year ago

    That’d be astronomy, not astrology… ;-)

  9. gekk0 commented on Pooch Cafe over 1 year ago

    Heinz still says “57 Varieties” on their labels. It’s been their slogan since 1896. (Yes, I had to look up the year).

  10. gekk0 commented on Nest Heads over 1 year ago

    She’s his DAUGHTER, for cryin’ out loud!