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  1. smorbie commented on In the Sticks about 2 years ago

    Isn’t this a rerun?

  2. smorbie commented on Random Acts of Nancy about 2 years ago


  3. smorbie commented on The Knight Life about 2 years ago

    Another stupid knock on Fox News from someone who has never watched it.

  4. smorbie commented on Richard's Poor Almanac about 2 years ago

    The Red Badge of Courage should be on the hatefully dull list. I’m still scarred from having read it in middle school. When my son hit that grade, his teacher told them they were supposed to read it but she couldn’t subject them to such a boring book. I think she just didn’t want to have to read it again.

  5. smorbie commented on The Duplex over 2 years ago

    I live in the USA deep south. I’ve seen cars like that.

  6. smorbie commented on Working Daze over 2 years ago

    Wow! She must be upset; she dropped her water bottle. I thought it was super glued to her hand.

  7. smorbie commented on The Knight Life over 2 years ago

    Take it back, not bring it back

  8. smorbie commented on F Minus over 2 years ago

    That looks like a good idea

  9. smorbie commented on F Minus over 2 years ago

    He is reading the text, not writing it. He is the boss and his employee is somewhere slacking off (that’s why he knows it will take him 20 minutes to find the broom).

  10. smorbie commented on Strange Brew over 2 years ago

    Goodbye strange brew.