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Dick Tracy

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  1. Willy007 commented on Dick Tracy 4 days ago

    I agree, it’s extremely unlikely that Bribery fell into new-fallen snow. He was dropped into a prison (crashing through a flat rooftop) on June 25, 1967, and if you examine how every character appearing in the strip was dressed both before and after the drop, it is clear that it was NOT wintertime (nary a coat to be seen). Plus like you said, Gould did his scenes in “real time,” and the drop occurred in the summertime.

    Admittedly the appearance of the prison rooftop Bribery crashed through was a bit unusual, and I can understand why people looking at it apart from its summer context might think it was snow covered. Yet what Gould almost certainly intended for us to understand about the roof was that it was covered not with snow, but rather with a hardened insulating material (to keep water from leaking through), which was typical of flat roofs of that day.

    FYI I posted scenes of Bribery’s fall and the prison rooftop in the comments section of the 6/11/2015 strip, if anyone wants to look at what we’re talking about:


  2. Willy007 commented on Dick Tracy 5 days ago

    It’s an intriguing plan to launder the gold, but my question is how the gold got from Jimmy Choo Shooz’s hiding place to the Blackhearts’ HQ with only Mr. Bigg and his three lieutenants knowing about it. It’s hard to imagine any of these four loading and driving trucks. ???

    Did Mr. Bigg hire some people to move the gold and then bump them off like Jimmy did? Given the gold heist is such a high profile crime and Mr. Bigg is so concerned about secrecy, it’s hard to imagine him allowing loose cannons who know the whereabouts of the gold to roam around, especially since he and his inner circle are supposedly “the only ones” in the know. Even if he used a helicopter or a more exotic means of transport like a Space Coupe, other people must have gotten involved in the move — for security concerns if nothing else.

    My guess at this point is that Mr. Bigg hired a bunch of men to transport the bullion and then immediately bumped them off. Unless I’m missing something?

  3. Willy007 commented on Dick Tracy 5 days ago

    “He seems to have a new inner circle to rival Venus and company.”

    I agree. There seems little doubt now that BB-Eyes, Blaze, and Doubleup are now Mr. Bigg’s chief lieutenants, replacing Venus, Apollo, and Melies. It’s hard to imagine the latter three retaining their old positions and NOT knowing that the Blackhearts have acquired the gold. This could set up some juicy intrigue in the Blackhearts organization.

  4. Willy007 commented on Dick Tracy 6 days ago

    “This trip to the mall makes for a swift, effective lesson on bullying. The long term implications are especially tantalizing. With economy and purpose we’ve seen Honeymoon reveal her antennae and then (innocently) give a dolt a jolt. Her character has even richer potential as her relationship with Mysta deepens and her Lunarian traits begin to assert themselves. This is a very satisfying development. Honey’s age and pronounced ties to the fantastic bode well for rich storytelling possibilities. Honey Becomes Electric is more than an effective lesson on bullying. Recent events reveal exciting changes for Honeymoon, while underscoring her Lunarian heritage. What a great character. Good question, Day-Day2001.”

    Agreed jot and tittle on every point. These are heady days for this strip! Long live the new and improved Space Era!

  5. Willy007 commented on Dick Tracy 6 days ago

    Well done, Pequod77!

  6. Willy007 commented on Dick Tracy 9 days ago

    “In the real world, a girl who grew horns would have them surgically removed, of course.”

    In the real world, there are no moon people who grow horns.

    But if there was a real-world Honeymoon and she was growing horns because she’s part lunar, she would have them surgically removed only if she was ashamed of her identity.

    The Tracyverse Honeymoon is of course far from being ashamed. She has never complained about being different, nor has she changed her name to avoid teasing from her peers. She has clearly embraced her identity, and is displaying her horns now because she’s proud of her mom and of who she is. No self-loathing in this girl, even if it means having to put up with creeps like TJ and Beverly.

    And if Beverly gets a jolt as it seems she will, she and her bullying friends will learn quickly that it’s NOT a good idea to mess with Honeymoon Tracy!

  7. Willy007 commented on Dick Tracy 9 days ago

    Calm down, Bev, and have a drink.

  8. Willy007 commented on Dick Tracy 10 days ago

    If anyone’s the victim of racial prejudice in this situation, it’s Honey.

  9. Willy007 commented on Dick Tracy 11 days ago

    “What is it now, TJ?”

    Sounds like Honey’s had run ins with TJ before. Sparks are gonna fly!

  10. Willy007 commented on Dick Tracy 13 days ago

    “Ms. Steffihawk is the long-lost daughter of Mattie Square.”

    Haha! Good one, Ray. I hope Ms. Steffihawk doesn’t get branded with a “B” like Matty and Ugly Christine did. ;)