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  1. black dog commented on Glenn McCoy 9 days ago

    So it turns out doing nothing while pretending to do something doesn’t solve anything.

  2. black dog commented on Glenn McCoy 11 days ago

    I love when pro-aborts throw out that old canard that pro-lifers care about
    babies only when they’re in the womb. Libs like to pretend they’re the
    caring ones. If you define philanthropy by how much of someone else’s money
    you give away then you may have a point. All a lib has to do is announce
    that they’re for big govt programs and then smuggly turn in for the night
    condoning the killing of millions with a clear conscience. However, if you
    look at the data regarding which side gives up their own money then the
    tables turn. You bleeding heart tightwads give far less to charity and even
    donate less blood. In that light, your claim that you care more for children
    is laughable. If you don’t care if a baby dies a month before it’s born why
    would you feel differently a month later?

  3. black dog commented on Glenn McCoy about 1 month ago

    And so anti-police rage boils to the surface, encouraged by the White House, encouraged by the Attorney General, and encouraged by its media sycophants. Innocent men are shot. And all of those who helped label cops racist throw up their hands in faux horror.

  4. black dog commented on Glenn McCoy 2 months ago

    Obama isn’t Chamberlain. He’s Churchill! Remember back in WWII when Churchill held summits to explain that we weren’t at war with Germany and that we needed to understand root causes for Nazi aggression, or that time when Churchill compared Nazi atrocities to British atrocities during the viking invasions, or that time Churchill said we needed to find jobs for Nazis or the times he went golfing after every atocity? Me neither.

  5. black dog commented on Glenn McCoy 2 months ago


  6. black dog commented on Glenn McCoy 3 months ago

    Maybe President Mom Jeans should be less focused on the threat of Medieval Crusaders and more focused on the threat of radical Muslim jihadists since they’re the one’s currently doing all the beheadings.

  7. black dog commented on Glenn McCoy 3 months ago

    Classic. So when the CBO reports that Obamacare will cost 1.35 trillion ($50 grand per person) which will be offset by taxes and penalties you idiots scream “LIES!” but when Obama looks you straight in the eye and tells you whoppers like “If you like your health plan and doctor you can keep them.” you smile and nod in rapt obedience. Then Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber explains how your dependable stupidity was the only means to getting this travesty passed you smile and cover your ears. The silence of the sheeple.

  8. black dog commented on Glenn McCoy 3 months ago

    Those Seals had to Kill Bin Laden so Obama couldn’t release him later from Gitmo.

  9. black dog commented on Glenn McCoy 4 months ago

    During this address to the UN Obama also spoke of how our Freedom of Speech was imperfect and open to abuse, and that Muslim outrage was “understandable”. This guy took an oath to defend the Constitution. He should start with the First Amendment. He blamed a Youtube film maker for violence against Americans instead of placing the blame squarely on the radicals who were upset over the “slander of the prophet of Islam”.

  10. black dog commented on Glenn McCoy 4 months ago

    Here’s MSNBC comparing the filing of a lawsuit to a bunch of jihadists murdering twelve people. Is that a good enough example for you?