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  1. black dog commented on Glenn McCoy 6 days ago

    Obama met with Ferguson protest leaders in the White House the day after the midterm elections and told them to ‘stay the course’ with their actions.

  2. black dog commented on Glenn McCoy 7 days ago

    LOL! You climate change groupies try to blame every anecdotal anomaly on global warming from heat waves to acne but when your dire warnings prove to be nonsense you start whining about weather VS. climate. I love when your flawed logic boomerangs back at you!

  3. black dog commented on Glenn McCoy 9 days ago

    “Attorney general, Eric Holder, is chief among the antagonists. During his tenure as the head of the Department of Justice, Mr. Holder claims to have investigated twice as many police and police departments as any of his predecessors. Of course, this includes his ill-timed decision to launch a full investigation into the Ferguson Police Department at the height of racial tensions in that community, throwing gasoline on a fire that was already burning. Many officers were disgusted by such a transparent political maneuver at a time when presidential and attorney general leadership could have calmed a truly chaotic situation.”

  4. black dog commented on Glenn McCoy 9 days ago

    In Scathing Letter to Obama, Former FBI Assistant Director Slams Holder as “Chief Among Antagonists” in Ferguson

  5. black dog commented on Glenn McCoy 12 days ago

    “Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. Call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically, that was really, really critical for the thing to pass.”
    – Jonathan Gruber

  6. black dog commented on Glenn McCoy about 1 month ago

    Obama’s not just dangerous to his fellow Democrats, he’s dangerous to the entire country. He’s a blithering, bumbling Barney Fife without the charm. He’s dishonest, corrupt, narcissistic – and, no, he doesn’t “mean well.”

  7. black dog commented on Glenn McCoy about 1 month ago

    Republicans wanted to fund the CDC $837 million more than Obama who wanted to cut funding and ordered the CDC to peruse the wrong priorities. In addition, Obama’s policies of open borders and no quarantine out of Africa has resulted in a hot Ebola mess. Well played Dems.

  8. black dog commented on Glenn McCoy about 1 month ago

    The White House told us that travel restrictions aren’t necessary, and any hospital can handle an Ebola outbreak, if properly trained. But recent evidence contradicts that.

  9. black dog commented on Glenn McCoy 2 months ago

    So the number of terrorist attacks on American soil has dropped? Probably because when an avowed jihadist with links to Al Qaeda shoots 19 people at Fort Hood while screaming “Allahu Akbar” the government conveniently labels it “workplace violence”. BTW, the number of U.S. Ambassadors murdered by terrorists is sharply up under O-Bambi.

  10. black dog commented on Glenn McCoy 2 months ago

    Obama’s foreign policies are getting results? You mean like getting an American Ambassador and soldiers killed in Behghazi? Helping radical Islamists capture Libya? Signing a nuke deal with Iran that pays them $20 million in sanction relief while they’re allowed to continue enriching uranium? Negotiating with terrorists and releasing five Taliban generals in exchange for an army deserter (which has encouraged ISIS to take more hostages and chop off heads). Drawing imaginary red lines he doesn’t intend to enforce? Pulling troops out of Iraq for political reasons which has led to an Islamic State stretching from Syria to Iraq, run by maniacs who are committing genocide against Christians and taking sex slaves? Are these the accomplishments you’re so impressed with?Obama plans his flaccid foreign policy between rounds of golf.