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  1. jinrock commented on Lisa Benson about 3 years ago

    Good thing the moronic simpletons have the unions to blame or else they might have to see the real problems, some of those being corporate welfare and people who pay to little or no taxes.

  2. jinrock commented on Farcus about 3 years ago

    Much like a CEO with a golden parachute.

  3. jinrock commented on Matt Wuerker about 3 years ago

    The man has ego where shame should be. His poor wife.

  4. jinrock commented on Steve Breen about 3 years ago

    Sharpton wants blacks to view themselves as victims so he remains relevant and in the limelight instead of viewed on their individual merit.

  5. jinrock commented on The Born Loser about 3 years ago

    Best not threaten unless you intend to follow threw.

  6. jinrock commented on Joe Heller over 3 years ago

    Lame. Anyone who purports to know more than a Jury that has sat threw days of testimony and evidence is truly an idiot.

  7. jinrock commented on Michael Ramirez over 3 years ago

    How true. Sharpton is a cheap race bating huckster enjoying the limelight at others expense.

  8. jinrock commented on Chip Bok over 3 years ago

    I heard no apologies from Sharpton and Jackson when they wrongly accused whites of raping a young black lying woman in the past. He is like a black Rush Limbaugh who enjoys the spot light at others expense.

  9. jinrock commented on Steve Breen over 3 years ago

    Some large truck makers are in the process of switching to natural gas for their engines now and Flying J truck stops are going to supply the fuel coast to coast.

  10. jinrock commented on The Born Loser over 3 years ago

    Wait til you see how he makes the burger.