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  1. pupsdad commented on Liberty Meadows about 17 hours ago

    Frank has recurring nightmares. Also Cho has writers block or drawers block recycling old stuff that wasn’t all that cute the first time it was published. Where’s the new stuff monkey boy?

  2. pupsdad commented on Tom Toles 9 days ago

    The thing that is even more amusing about Mr. Toles’ cartoons is the fact he believes Fox news is somehow generating and emphasizing the facts that are going on in the world to sensationalize the news for Fox’s own benefit. He has the typical Liberals mindset and ignores the facts by regarding them as editorial nonsense.

  3. pupsdad commented on Matt Wuerker 18 days ago

    Climate change is cyclical. Volcanic eruptions and Chinese fossil fueled factories are the cause, not humans or cattle.

  4. pupsdad commented on Ted Rall 18 days ago

    A coroner with a Humvee, Machine Gun, and a semi-auto pistol is a good thing. In most states; the coroner is the county official with the authority to arrest an elected sheriff. Perhaps he has his eye on a rogue sheriff.

  5. pupsdad commented on Matt Davies 19 days ago

    Pardon me Mr. Davies but things have changed a bit since Mr. Columbus came ashore. The country belongs to the citizens that are born here who have parents who were born here and who mostly came from parents who became citizens and entered the country correctly.

  6. pupsdad commented on Tom Toles 21 days ago

    Some of the comments allude to the republican party as feeding on the fears of the citizens of this country. I’m not a republican or a democrat myself as I am an independent but the likelihood of republicans gaining control of the senate and congress is due in no small measure to the liberal democrat party, (and the American), people electing an incompetent anti-American ignoramus to the nations highest office. His only qualification as the voters seemed to view it was his color and the novelty of an African-American being the POTUS. Conservative paranoia is far better than the irrational pronoia the liberals have demonstrated in the face of factual & certifiable failure Obama and his ilk have perpetrated on the citizens of this country. To my way of thinking; the liberals cut their own nose off to spite their faces.

  7. pupsdad commented on (th)ink 22 days ago

    The human race as we presently know it will one day become extinct if men continue marrying men and women marry women. But maybe it is what we deserve for barring God from nearly everything that matters.

  8. pupsdad commented on Lisa Benson 22 days ago

    Lisa always nails it. Oblahma is a loser. He is what he is.

  9. pupsdad commented on Shoe 22 days ago

    one of the comments on today’s strip makes me inclined to believe some folks take comic strips seriously. Too seriously the way I see it. It’s just a comic strip. it’s hard to hit one out of the park everyday. Keep it in perspective y’all.

  10. pupsdad commented on Gray Matters about 1 month ago

    Bob Newhart’s final curtain was one I’ll never forget just because it would have been wonderful to wake up next to Suzanne Pleshette