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Peanuts by Charles Schulz


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  1. Vince M commented on Monty 9 days ago

    “It’s funny that pirates were always going around searching for treasure, and they never realized that the real treasure was the fond memories they were creating.” – Jack Handey

  2. Vince M commented on Rip Haywire about 1 month ago

    So. The chickens have come home to roost.
    What a bunch of dumb clucks.
    They won the pullet surprise.
    Okay, I’m done now.

  3. Vince M commented on Jane's World about 1 month ago

    Just remembering that ‘Buffy’ episode with Xander and the love spell. Didn’t work out well for him…

  4. Vince M commented on Richard's Poor Almanac about 1 month ago

    Yet still appropriate today. Except now people sit at home and give their tv the audio command “Show me movies with explosions in them”.

  5. Vince M commented on Rip Haywire about 1 month ago

    Those bad guys…poachers, right?

  6. Vince M commented on Peanuts Begins about 1 month ago

    Wow, and this comic is a good ten years before the band. But I’d heard head guy Peter Noone originally had the name Sherman (from the cartoon w/ Peabody) but didn’t want the band to be ’Sherman’s Shermits’.

  7. Vince M commented on Perry Bible Fellowship about 1 month ago

    But I don’t think the term relates at all to whatever is going on here, which looks like a persistent case of ‘drop everything’ when someone says ‘the word’.

  8. Vince M commented on New Adventures of Queen Victoria about 1 month ago

    Just rattle your jewelry.

  9. Vince M commented on One Big Happy 2 months ago

    This sounds like the story of the reporter asking Cary Grant for his age, using brevity in a telegram: “How old Cary Grant?” – the reply: “Old Cary Grant fine. How reporter?”

  10. Vince M commented on The Fusco Brothers 2 months ago

    Yeah, wait til Axel finds out he’s being treated by a veterinarian.