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  1. tom GoComics Pro Member commented on Michael Ramirez about 3 hours ago

    Larry, Moe and Curly.

  2. tom GoComics Pro Member commented on Dana Summers about 3 hours ago

    “says Gypsy8 28 minutes ago
    If U.S. military air strikes are not working against ISIS, why are Russia and France following that lead?”
    = = = = =
    Because they are flying hundreds of missions, not a dozen.

  3. tom GoComics Pro Member commented on Shoe about 3 hours ago

    “says ShadowBeast 42 minutes ago
    Is he ordering or telling Roz what he plans to eat and do after eating?”
    = = = = =

  4. tom GoComics Pro Member commented on Mike du Jour about 18 hours ago

    “Every year my mother has all the relatives over and cooks up her famous tur-briska-fil: Turkey stuffed with a brisket stuffed with gefilte fish. It’s not as good as it sounds” - Howard Wolowitz, Big Bang Theory

  5. tom GoComics Pro Member commented on Darrin Bell about 19 hours ago

    “says Zuhlamon about 4 hours ago
    ….There are some in this country and elsewhere who are mistaken in the belief this President will not support his NATO ally.”
    = = = = =
    “This President” is a pussy who will lie his way out of any obligation to a NATO ally that might jeopardize his beloved legacy.

  6. tom GoComics Pro Member commented on Lisa Benson 1 day ago

    “says Gypsy8 40 minutes ago
    The desperate search for a credible Republican candidate.”
    …. to defeat the socialist or the liar.

  7. tom GoComics Pro Member commented on Michael Ramirez 1 day ago

    says jack75287 9 minutes ago
    Still think the right is Islamophopic,
    = = = = =
    I am perfectly content with a “live-and-let live” philosophy. Most Western religions, while having their own teachings, are tolerant of other religions. Islam is not. Islam teaches if you are not a Muslim and will not convert, you must be killed. Live and let live only works if both sides agree.

  8. tom GoComics Pro Member commented on Michael Ramirez 1 day ago

    “says Ted Lind 26 minutes ago
    I agree. If he is such an incompetent president why do the competent conservatives keep losing. That is why they are called a do nothing congress because they can’t get anything done. They keep trying to pass obstructionist laws unsuccessfully and wasting time fighting with each other. The cast of clowns they have running for president insures provides little hope they will get their act together.”
    = = = = =
    I’m glad you asked. First, the House passes numerous bills, but Harry Reid’s continued obstruction prevents them from coming to the Senate floor for a vote. He has spent the last seven years protecting Obama from actually having to veto anything.
    As to the presidential candidates, anything would be better than the socialist or the liar. The most recent polls have as many as seven of the Republicans beating the liar in head-to-head. You lefties better get accustomed to the idea that with no black on the ballot, they will stay home and your time in control is gone. Mark your calendar: January 20, 2017: the end of an error.

  9. tom GoComics Pro Member commented on Lisa Benson 1 day ago

    “says DrDon1 7 minutes ago
    Do you pay any attention to President Obama’s speeches? Statements from White House spokesmen? Criticisms of Obama’s ACTIONS from Fox News? Is there some/any non-MSM news source for you? BBC News or??? Surely, there must be some source of FACTS you can turn to!”
    = = = = =
    Yep, and in the area of foreign policy, the Obama Doctrine is “Do Nothing!” He talks a lot, but DOES NOTHING.

  10. tom GoComics Pro Member commented on Mike Lester 1 day ago

    Obama’s answer to everything (for which he has no answer) is to scream racist.

    Why don’t the Syrian refugees go to affluent, comfortable, Muslim-laden Saudi Arabia? Is it possible the Saudis won’t let them in, either?

    Why don’t we stop the flood across our southern borders, an easy access for refugees and/or ISIL?

    If we have that kind of funding and compassion in surplus, why don’t we take care of our Veterans?