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  1. tom GoComics Pro Member commented on Ziggy about 4 hours ago

    “says phil m 35 minutes ago:
    After two years of being Amazon Prime members, we decided to not renew last month. $99 is just too expensive for what we got in return.”
    = = = = =
    Interesting. We did not sign up for Amazon Prime. So when it appeared on our credit card bill, I disputed it. It took 3 days for the refund to clear.

  2. tom GoComics Pro Member commented on Walt Handelsman about 4 hours ago

    “says dtroutma about 19 hours ago:
    Putin’s just doing what our Congressional Republicans have been calling for all along, who cares what the target is, just killl somebody, any target of opportunity, even if you don’t have a clue about what faction they represent in the turmoil, so you look like you’re doing something.”
    = = = = =
    Putin’s strategic goal is to expand Russia’s sphere of influence in the Middle East. What exactly is Obama’s policy in the Middle East other than to play ostrich?

  3. tom GoComics Pro Member commented on Jerry Holbert about 4 hours ago

    “says TJDestry about 4 hours ago
    … meanwhile, rightwing media lackeys continue to shape her image according to the phony accusation of their GOP overlords.”
    = = = = =
    In case you haven’t noticed (and it’s pretty clear you haven’t), the left media is also ridiculing her “integrity.”

  4. tom GoComics Pro Member commented on Henry Payne about 4 hours ago

    “says Ted Lind 29 minutes ago:
    This year in Chicago over two thousand people have been murdered by gunfire. By the end of the year it will be over three thousand. That is as many who were killed on 911. We have spent a trillion dollars trying to avoid terrorist attacks but our major cities have a 911 every year and we do nothing.”
    = = = = =
    But, Ted, Obama knows how to fix that. Just poor billions of dollars into those inner cities. It won’t really fix anything, but at least he can say (for his legacy) he tried, but those nasty Republicans wouldn’t give him the money.

    Profile. Stop. Frisk. Arrest. Convict (ex-con in possession of a weapon). Incarcerate.

  5. tom GoComics Pro Member commented on Mike Luckovich about 6 hours ago

    No, no no. There is no need for a Bernie Sander’s hearing. The whole country already knows what he is.

  6. tom GoComics Pro Member commented on Glenn McCoy about 6 hours ago

    Whereas these killings all occur in “Gun Free Zones,” we need Gun Free Zone Control.

  7. tom GoComics Pro Member commented on Dana Summers about 6 hours ago

    “says dtroutma about 8 hours ago:
    Fear the real terrorist threat:
    2004-2013 Deaths in the U.S.
    To “terrorists” 313
    To domestic gun violence: 316,545
    Go to school on that.”
    = = = = =
    Oh, Goody. Another “trout fact,” AKA fiction.
    50 per weekend in Chicago’s black-on-black alone, up 21% from last year. And it’s GANG violence, not gun violence

  8. tom GoComics Pro Member commented on Robert Ariail 1 day ago

    Actually, the Clintons have an inexhaustible supply of “not my fault” balloons. The public just isn’t buying it, anymore.

  9. tom GoComics Pro Member commented on Walt Handelsman 1 day ago

    The only thing coming out of Obama’s hose is disinterest.

  10. tom GoComics Pro Member commented on Dana Summers 1 day ago

    “says Beau Nobo about 19 hours ago:
    Actually a vote went up at the first congress about if America was to use english or geman as the official language.
    German lost by two votes.”
    = = = = =
    Yet another totally irrelevant comment from the sycophant left.