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  1. tom GoComics Pro Member commented on Henry Payne about 13 hours ago

    “says dtroutma about 1 hour ago:
    It is amazing that millions of jobs lost during the Bush ADMINISTRATION with the “consent of Congress” (Republicans) are in no way responsible for slowing the growth that has been going on since they left. (Actually those converted to Civil Service from their political appointments didn’t all leave.)”
    = = = = =
    It’s been 6 1/2 years, Trout. When does it become your problem?
    If, in 8 years, Bush did so much damage, why can’t you do ANYTHING in 6 1/2 years to “fix it?”

  2. tom GoComics Pro Member commented on Matt Davies about 13 hours ago

    Oh look. A picture of Detroit last weekend. Or is it Chicago, or downtown Baltimore?

  3. tom GoComics Pro Member commented on Dana Summers about 22 hours ago

    The Democratic power brokers have finally decided what the rest of us knew all along: Hillary is a liar and a fraud.
    Wait…. so why don’t they still love her?

  4. tom GoComics Pro Member commented on Gary Varvel about 22 hours ago

    f Joe’s elected, they’ll be no hope and certainly no change.

  5. tom GoComics Pro Member commented on Rob Rogers about 22 hours ago

    How about Hurricane “Pants up, Don’t loot.”

  6. tom GoComics Pro Member commented on Michael Ramirez 1 day ago

    “says Uncle Joe about 17 hours ago:
    Not the most civil discussion, but let’s look at a few facts:
    Colin Powell also used a personal email account when he was Secretary of State. The rules about such things were far more lax at the time, but it still raises questions about his judgement.”
    = = = = =
    I know there are a lot of Republican candidates, but I checked, and Colin Powell isn’t one of them, so …. who cares?

  7. tom GoComics Pro Member commented on Gary Varvel 1 day ago

    “says wmconelly 1 minute ago:
    Let’s be frank, Varvel: any Democrat – ANY – would be better than giving the RepubliCons all three – all THREE – branches of the American Government. Unless, of course, you think fascism is a good idea…”
    = = = = =
    Interesting that you think SCOTUS is Republican-controlled. That last few major decisions suggest otherwise. Any Republican would be better than 4 more years of Obama, which is what ANY Democrat would personify,

  8. tom GoComics Pro Member commented on Lisa Benson 1 day ago

    “says sofartotheleftimright about 2 hours ago:
    LIsa this horse is already glue. Pick a new topic if you ave one. Because this issue has nothing new.”
    = = = = =
    Yeah, you lefties hope and pray that this will go away. It won’t. That’s why the Dem power structure is drafting Joe.

  9. tom GoComics Pro Member commented on Jerry Holbert 4 days ago

    “says dtroutma about 6 hours ago:
    conservegov: Bush and Cheney/Rumsfeled CREATED ISIL by kicking their leaders out of Iraq; Obama’’s position is quite simple: HE’s KILLING THEM!!!”
    = = = = =
    Trout, for some time I have enjoyed trading opinions with you, but this one is ludicrous.
    Obama’s air war is like a mosquito. ISIL is growing and taking more and more territory.
    It is your beloved Obama who has become the laughing stock on the planet. He confuses our allies and entertains our enemies.
    He will be judged as the worst president in our history.

  10. tom GoComics Pro Member commented on Mike Luckovich 4 days ago

    says Kaffekup about 6 hours ago:
    Well, if it’s so vital to secure “our borders”, where’s the promise of the northern fence, to be paid for by Canada?
    A border’s a border.
    = = = = =
    You’re quite clueless, aren’t you? Perhaps you’re bothered by the thousands of Canadians streaming in to deliver their anchor babies, soak up our resources and fill our prisons. No?