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  1. yusodum commented on Reality Check 9 days ago

    That’s the hive. You can’t see the worker drones here as they’re up above the tree tops.

  2. yusodum commented on Signe Wilkinson 10 days ago

    I agree completely. A mad dictator arrests one of the pillars of democracy (the judiciary) and declares it illegal to oppose him. Right after he’s cozied up to Putin and declared support for Assad. Like… shouldn’t we care? You know? Just a little bit?

  3. yusodum commented on Gil 10 days ago

    It had better be open.

  4. yusodum commented on Shoe 11 days ago

    Yes, can’t deny that electromagnetic attraction.

  5. yusodum commented on Dude and Dude 11 days ago

    Someone reading this strip a year from now will have no idea what this is about.

  6. yusodum commented on Magic in a Minute 19 days ago

    … googles ‘pencil’ …

  7. yusodum commented on Jack Ohman 22 days ago

    What? No way Trump will run a VP candidate who’s not related to himself.

  8. yusodum commented on Reality Check 26 days ago

    (Rather than an altercation, for the non-english speaking)

  9. yusodum commented on Dude and Dude 28 days ago

    The tip jar may be cheap, but Dude is cheaper.

  10. yusodum commented on Dinosaur Comics about 1 month ago

    Weeell, considering T-Rex is likely born in the Jurassic Era, i.e. around 200-150 million years ago, I had kinda always considered him an old man.