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  1. yusodum commented on Matt Wuerker 2 days ago

    “I will release my taxes when Mrs. Clinton releases her [deleted] e-mails!” It can’t really be stated less ambiguously than that.

  2. yusodum commented on Lay Lines 21 days ago

    Well, in case they don’t fix it, the last 3 captions are:

    “Finally, she flew out to meet the handsome and successful matchmaker…”

    “…So she could kill him.”

    “She just couldn’t stand the competition.”

    (Source: Carol Lay’s Illiterature vol. 1)

  3. yusodum commented on PC and Pixel 22 days ago

    I think it’s implying that the animals on the signs will be rare in the future.

  4. yusodum commented on Super-Fun-Pak Comix 23 days ago

    Cute touch with the signature.

  5. yusodum commented on Big Nate 26 days ago

    Tut-tut-tut. This weeks story in the Onion: Fifth graders taking a gap year. Do they read Big Nate?

  6. yusodum commented on Cleo and Company 26 days ago

    If you really want to mess with an Indian telemarketer, hit them on their religion. Most of these guys believe that they will be reincarnated as a function of how good they’ve been. Just remind them to be afraid of the results of their actions, and see what happens.

  7. yusodum commented on Magic in a Minute 26 days ago

    I’m worried people might be more amazed at the fact that you can find a pocket calculator today.

  8. yusodum commented on Gil 28 days ago

    I grew up on Crazy Eights. 8s can be played on anything and you can call a new suit. 2 means draw 3 cards but can be cancelled by throwing down a 10 on it.

  9. yusodum commented on Bushy Tales about 1 month ago

    Nah, the Viennese caf├ęs, that’s for the cakes, not for the coffee.

  10. yusodum commented on Mike Lester about 1 month ago

    I do get amused by American editorial cartoonists who have a character representing “Them” “The other side” or whoever it is he’s afraid of, and depicts this character using a symbol for the US. Either it tells us something about him. Or it should tell him something about himself.