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  1. Peam commented on Learn to Speak Cat about 11 hours ago

    Tasty pool snacks.

  2. Peam commented on The Daily Drawing 1 day ago

    Geomorality 101

  3. Peam commented on Richard's Poor Almanac 1 day ago

    Henry James was no good at bug removal, whereas opossums tend to be suffer from writers block – or playing dead, hard to tell.

  4. Peam commented on Mike du Jour 2 days ago

    Ah, the joys of conversing with the aurally challenged! (Being one, I should know, folk say the craziest things!)

  5. Peam commented on Jim Benton Cartoons 3 days ago

    The game of life.

  6. Peam commented on Daddy's Home 3 days ago

    Agreed, yummy!

  7. Peam commented on Heart, Brain and Soul 3 days ago


  8. Peam commented on Half Full 3 days ago

    With the wings texting rather than flapping, I would have thought that the bird was plummeting rather than flying.

  9. Peam commented on Bushy Tales 3 days ago

    Snap! I’ve had a chicken karma too!

  10. Peam commented on Lug Nuts 3 days ago

    I’d have guessed they were squawkers rather than tweeters.