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  1. Peam commented on Kliban about 10 hours ago

    If this is what a Kndle Light looks like I’m sticking with my regular one. Kliban should sue Amazon for patent infringement.

  2. Peam commented on Doonesbury 2 days ago

    “the mosquito, responsible for killing 755,000 people every year, "

    Ah, Rachel Carson, you have a lot to answer for.

  3. Peam commented on The Barn 2 days ago

    Where are Rat, Pig and Goat?

  4. Peam commented on Pluggers 4 days ago

    My watch isn’t so smart. The window currently says Sunday 21st. Every so often when I’m passing the store I get it set as I’ve yet to figure out how to do it right first time. Not to mention the fact that I can’t read it comfortably.

  5. Peam commented on In the Bleachers 4 days ago

    Our local rules state that as demons are burrowing animals, those unlucky enough to have fiery pits interfering with their play are entitled to the normal relief – a free drop and 2 Hail Marys.

  6. Peam commented on Looks Good on Paper 4 days ago

    The food police at it again.

  7. Peam commented on Learn to Speak Cat 4 days ago

    Now I know why they’re called woofers!

  8. Peam commented on Lay Lines 4 days ago

    Looking forward to whatever comes.
    Have a nice weekend everybody.

  9. Peam commented on Learn to Speak Cat 7 days ago

    A dramacatic moment on stage.

  10. Peam commented on F Minus 8 days ago

    I was sure they walrus had braces.