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  1. Peam commented on Speed Bump 1 day ago

    I first heard this at Disneyland Anaheim in 1973, and given the slightest chance it still repeats, like right now!

  2. Peam commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 1 day ago

    Ripley sort of has a get out of jail free card : while some whales may be carnivorous, they are not classified as ‘carnivores’ or more correctly ‘Carnivora’. In fact whales et al are more closely related to hippos classification-wise.

  3. Peam commented on Pearls Before Swine 1 day ago

    Hard choice: death by boredom or antspray.

  4. Peam commented on Kliban 1 day ago

    ..the Merci Donnant special brought to you by Kilometres Deboutish via Art Buchwald

  5. Peam commented on In the Bleachers 1 day ago

    In Meteors v Dinosaurs it’s looking more and more like a win for the Meteors.

  6. Peam commented on Doodle Town 1 day ago

    Oh là là ! Magnifique !
    (Melissa, I sent you a reply to your nice message on 23rd.)
    Happy TG!

  7. Peam commented on Doodle Town 1 day ago

    Thank you so much for that Melissa! (I did miss it, as a newcomer to your work!)
    Guess what, I could have bought scallops today but bought shrimp instead (for risotto)! When I get through the gallon of pumpkin soup I have left I’ll definitely give it a try. In fact the base that you’ve slow cooked could be used for lots of different fish chowders….I usually bases like that in the freezer but meat/chicken flavored.
    Have yummy Thanksgiving! xx

  8. Peam commented on The Duplex 3 days ago

    Well, a Stop Sign twisted to illegibility could be a defence for a ‘Running a stop Sign’ citation.

  9. Peam commented on Alley Oop 3 days ago

    Just waiting for Grinding-to-a-halt-hog Day comes around again.

  10. Peam commented on Pot-Shots 3 days ago

    ….in a brain bigger than a city, with geological slowness, He thinks only of the Weight.
    Most of the weight is of course accounted for by Berilia, Tubul, Great T’Phon and Jerakeen, the four giant elephants upon whose broad and startanned shoulders the disc of the World rests…