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  1. abersteve GoComics Pro Member commented on Steve Benson 5 months ago

    I’m well aware of what you’re talking about. You’re just ignoring the facts I’m talking about.

    So much for:
    I am also willing change my mind on a given issue, when my own investigation of contrary views present me with evidences that are observable, testable, falsifiable and replica table.

    You’re not even reading evidence presented to you, with a citation from the FBI. When it comes to homicides, you’re much less likely to be murdered with a rifle than by nearly any other method. Fact. I’ve done your homework for you. Sorry you can’t see past your rather narrow field of view.

    I guess it should have been obvious to me that you weren’t reading or comprehending what I was saying when I had to repeat my opposition to open carry.

    I also oppose “stand your ground” or conceal carry without proper training and a license. I’m no fanboy.

    I just deal with facts. As a cartoonist, you don’t have to. But for the purposes of this conversation, I wish you would.

    But I know you likely won’t. Old man set in his ways, I guess.

    As for the Supreme Court, you know good and well that they let the lower court ruling stand because they have a vacancy following the death of Justice Scalia, and thus it would be a tie anyway. Lie of omission, I suppose.

  2. abersteve GoComics Pro Member commented on Steve Benson 5 months ago

    1. “Exotic or unusual.” Hmm. You do realize that the AR style rifle is one of the best-selling guns in America, right? And has been for a very long time. Its action and features are not that different from the M1 Carbine, previously a best-seller. The defining characteristics of these rifles are that they are semi-automatic rifles chambered for intermediate-powered cartridges.

    There is nothing exotic or unusual about them. There are tens of millions of them out there, with an incredible variety of accessories built specifically for them.

    They’re about as exotic as a Honda Civic.

    2. Reread what I wrote. I am opposed to open carry. I think it’s a really bad idea. Concealed carry is another matter. A man in South Carolina stopped a mass shooting the week after the Orlando shooting using his concealed pistol. That didn’t make the news, for some reason.

    Please reread what I wrote. I’m not certain you understood it. The main point being that if violence is something you want to tamp down on, rifles are really not where you should start. It’s silly and uninformed and based entirely on emotion to think otherwise.

  3. abersteve GoComics Pro Member commented on Steve Benson 5 months ago

    Let me preface this by stating that Open Carry is stupid. In a situation like the one in Dallas, it definitely makes telling the good guys from the bad ones really difficult.

    Last year, I downloaded Table 20 of the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report. It’s Murder By State: Types of weapons.

    Overall, there were 11,961 murders in 2014.

    Total firearms: 8,124, of which 5,562 were handguns.

    Total rifles: 248. Yes, including the evil “black assault type” weapons.

    You were more likely to be murdered with shotguns (262), knives (1,567), or hands and feet (660).

    Shall we ban knives? Let’s ban hands! Feet!

    When we look at the cold, hard, numbers, it’s clear that the “ban the assault rifles” crap is purely political, and not based on reality.

    And I wish the media would talking about buying guns “over the internet” as if it were like shopping at Amazon. Yes, you can buy guns on the internet, but the guns have to be shipped to a dealer who does the background check. Just like you walked into any other gun store and ran the background check.

    248 murders out of nearly 12,000 in 2014. Let’s go after rifles! Because, scary!

    It’s politics.

  4. abersteve GoComics Pro Member commented on Thatababy over 1 year ago

    Because Rick wanted his son on drums so they fired Bun E. Carlos. I love their music, but they way the band has treated him is despicable.

  5. abersteve GoComics Pro Member commented on Mike Luckovich over 3 years ago

    Omnius, gun deaths have been dropping over the past 20 years. In 2011, out of about 12,000 murder, about 300 were committed using rifles of all types. It’s disingenuous to ban the non-existent “assault weapon” in order to reduce gun violence.

    Plus, there’s that pesky constitution…