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  1. The Wolf In Your Midst commented on Wit of the World about 6 hours ago

    The best and brightest, folks. Earning those oversized paychecks!

  2. The Wolf In Your Midst commented on Jeff Stahler about 6 hours ago

    But don’t worry. God will make everything right again, because He wouldn’t let us ruin the planet.

    (There are people who actually believe this.)

  3. The Wolf In Your Midst commented on Rob Rogers about 6 hours ago

    Hey, those are good-paying jobs. And if the spill doesn’t affect me, who cares?

    It’s not like those animals in the Gulf were making me any money, after all….

  4. The Wolf In Your Midst commented on Henry Payne about 6 hours ago

    Hey, short-term jobs to profit Canadian oil companies, risking spillage on US soil? That’s good.

    But short-term jobs to repair American infrastructure, improving our economy overall? That’s bad… somehow. (Oh, right, no direct and immediate profit to oil companies.)

  5. The Wolf In Your Midst commented on Mike Luckovich about 6 hours ago

    So many suppositions on both sides. Who wants to wait for the truth?

  6. The Wolf In Your Midst commented on Win, Lose, Drew about 6 hours ago

    “Well, my kids aren’t going to give me an easy way to feel superior to others from going to school, are they?”

    And that’s really what we’re all about in this country these days, isn’t it? Easy ways to feel superior to others. I’ve got the winning sports team, the bigger TV, the shinier car, the more attractive spouse, so that means I win and you lose.

    And hey, if you want your kids to win, put ‘em in sports. Sure, they’ve got less than a 1% chance to get into the pros… but that’s still better than their odds of becoming the next Steve Jobs after going through our public school system!

    (Also, thank you for pointing this out, Mr. Litton. It shows the difference between a sports fan, who can accept the flaws in professional sports, and a sports fanatic, who willingly blinds himself to them.)

  7. The Wolf In Your Midst commented on Jerry Holbert about 6 hours ago

    I’ll make you the same offer I made Harleyquinn. If I can create good jobs by having raw sewage dumped on your head every minute of every day, would you go for it?

  8. The Wolf In Your Midst commented on Tim Eagan about 6 hours ago

    Whereas Republicans seem to envision a utopia as shown in the first half of any Charles Dickens novel- commoners crowded in the streets, the wealthy free to exploit them however they choose; leaving them lying in pollution and filth, with no “job-killing regulations” to protect them. Republicans have advocated for the return of child labor (forcing poor children to work as janitors in the schools they attend) and poverty wages (agitating to destroy the minimum wage). They mouth passages from the Bible before they advocate for pre-emptive war, torture, imprisonment without trial, occupation of foreign lands. A self-proclaimed Christian bragged about how many prisoners his state executed- and was applauded. A Presidential candidate said that 47% of the country he wanted to lead wasn’t worth his time- and his party’s adherents were furious when that 47% didn’t agree with him.

    Republicans claim to care about fiscal restraint, but then turn a blind eye to billions of dollars of waste in the military. They claim to care about the troops, but boo a serviceman because of his sexual orientation. They claim to revere the life of a newborn child, but then vote to cut prenatal and neonatal care and pre-school programs.

    Republicans have rallied around the cry “take our country back”, and their actions have made it clear as to from whom- everyone who isn’t like them. Their party has become the refuge of cowards, angry and terrified people who can’t understand the “other” and whose first reaction is to remove them. They have purged their moderates in a fanatical race towards ideological purity; their definition of “compromise” has become “give us everything we want and we’ll think of new things to want”.

    I don’t vote for Democrats because I like the Democratic party. I vote for Democrats because I abhor the Republican party.

  9. The Wolf In Your Midst commented on John Deering about 7 hours ago

    Yeah, and it’s not like the temperature here in upstate New York was in the 60s two weeks ago!

    …oh, wait….

    Maybe if you read up on how climate change works, you’d see that sudden and violent changes in weather are part of the projections.

  10. The Wolf In Your Midst commented on Steve Breen about 7 hours ago

    Who’s got time for due process? It slows down my rush to judgement!

    In this country, we put people on pedestals, then get angry that they dare stand above us and eagerly tear them down.