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  1. Maintoc commented on Bo Nanas 8 months ago

    Just don’t do, “99 Bottles of Beer On the Wall.”

  2. Maintoc commented on Badlands 8 months ago

    It’s just a stapler, not a staple gun … unless you use it as one.

  3. Maintoc commented on Half Full 8 months ago

    “… and put it in a dirty glass.” (old “The Flintstones” line about a tough detective.)

  4. Maintoc commented on For Better or For Worse 8 months ago

    I blame the food media. They tell us that there are words such as “lite;” “lo-cal;” etc.

  5. Maintoc commented on Barney & Clyde 8 months ago

    Sticks? Wiki says, “Poi – A pair of roughly arm-length chains with handles attached to one end, and bundle of wicking material on the other.”

  6. Maintoc commented on Shirley and Son Classics 8 months ago

    Bare on a bear-skin rug?

  7. Maintoc commented on Perry Bible Fellowship 8 months ago

    Bad choice. Look before you leap, kids! It reminds me, though, of “Gumby & Pokey” and the theme song that includes, “He can walk into any book, with his pony pal Pokey, too.”

  8. Maintoc commented on Perry Bible Fellowship 8 months ago

    Waiting is.

  9. Maintoc commented on Chuckle Bros 8 months ago

    Like, Wow!, man. (or Ma’am.) :p

  10. Maintoc commented on Bent Objects 8 months ago

    Decker & Ilia (or, at least, the artificial version of her, created by Vger) merged & went off into another dimension. And they didn’t even light up cigarettes afterwards. :p