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  1. jz27wk commented on Rip Haywire 3 days ago

    Love the matching outfits.

  2. jz27wk commented on Eric the Circle 3 days ago

    Isn’t the button suppose to say “Dont Panic”?

  3. jz27wk commented on Dick Tracy 3 days ago

    He will take third place in the Boris Karloff look alike contest. at the convention…?

  4. jz27wk commented on Brewster Rockit 6 days ago

    “I remember. There are no fast food restaurants on the planet. But you are not fast you will be food.”

  5. jz27wk commented on Brewster Rockit 8 days ago

    He forgot the giant neon arrow visible from space inviting people to land there.

  6. jz27wk commented on Rip Haywire 10 days ago

    Wait a minute. Cobra just double crossed her partner? That’s not like her…oh wait…never mind!!

  7. jz27wk commented on Dick Tracy 10 days ago

    Does this mean the Lena the hyena will be appearing in the third act of Arsenic and Old Lace? Talking about getting really off script…

  8. jz27wk commented on Dick Tracy 15 days ago

    In the play, her reaction is nearly the same. She was opening the windows seat expecting to find a gentleman that she had poisoned a few minutes before and instead finds a gangster that Jonathan had murdered. Her reaction was the same gasp to find the wrong body in the window seat.

  9. jz27wk commented on Dick Tracy 15 days ago

    Finally, the moment we have all been waiting for. A REAL body turns up in the windows seat where in the play it is a series of different bodies that keep appearing and disappearing from the window seat. Nice to finally reach the integration between the play and the storyline. Should be a wild ride from here, with Tracy and Sam appearing as the two cops who arrest the character Jonathan at the end of the play.

  10. jz27wk commented on Last Kiss 16 days ago

    I like the idea of posting the originals here the next day rather than having to follow the link. If there are people who do not like it, they simply have the option of not viewing the Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday postings.