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  1. Stipple commented on Robert Ariail about 21 hours ago

    @Zuhlamon in reference to James Brown
    “perhaps Stipple could explain”
    Do I know short enough words to get through to James Brown? Doubtful.
    Some folks are an embarrassment to have on your side, some are bad enough that to be seen with them detracts from your position.
    Bad company is a fairly simple concept, if you hang with undesirables you will be seen as an undesirable.
    This is “convoluted bullcrap”?
    This from a person who restricts contraception and then complains about abortions?
    Convoluted bullcrap indeed.
    Birds of a Feather, if he does not know the rest of the truism and would not understand what it means then I guess what I may say is unreachable by James Brown.
    Symptoms of the larger problem bringing America down.

  2. Stipple commented on Ted Rall about 23 hours ago

    “more false rape accusations”
    You do know how few of those there are, as in almost nonexistent.
    And since you know this very common knowledge I do not understand why you posted such a deliberately transparent lie.
    Do you really expect there are folks stupid enough to believe you?
    I suppose the hope is that you are not alone with your intelligence level.
    You are not, 12% of 25% of uneducated Americans agree with you.
    In absolute numbers that is over a million stupid people, it seems like so many more than it really is.

  3. Stipple commented on Clay Jones about 23 hours ago

    You forgot the republican ten second sound bite that explains the entire world’s problem and how Trump will fix it in his first week.

  4. Stipple commented on Angry Little Girls about 23 hours ago

    History absolutely disagrees with that statement.
    Ignorance is the enemy, personified above.

  5. Stipple commented on Jeff Danziger 1 day ago

    My little hybrids are smart, but ended up more Norwegian than Gwitchin’ because of education. Their mother and I would have liked for them to be immersed in her culture for a two year period. Long enough to actually soak in the physical attributes of small village life (population 30).
    The two year loss in education was too great a price to pay so it was two summers and no winters in the Yukon Flats.
    “the mongrel that outperformed the…” for some reason made me think of my children and how my son has fared in the real world outside of Alaska.
    So I posted a rather neutral paragraph and did not delve into divisions he did not know existed leaving him shunned from experiences he previously had indulged in and enjoyed.
    Bigotry is always shocking and stressful when first encountered, repetition makes it normal.
    Which is very sad in itself.

  6. Stipple commented on Owlturd 1 day ago

    “Fighting words”
    Legally there are no such animals as “fighting words” and no excuses are taken.
    Like religion, everyone has their very own button that sets them off. Even though everyone has a ‘fight’ button it cannot be legislated against because it is different for everyone.
    Disparage Al Bundy and we have a problem.

  7. Stipple commented on Calvin and Hobbes 1 day ago

    I don’t do whiskey or anything, but I have always wondered if wacky whiskey drinkers would be willing to let their doctor operate on the after he downed a double shot.

  8. Stipple commented on Views of the World 1 day ago

    Like she picked out who would be playing the tune.
    She dances to the music.
    As do we all.

  9. Stipple commented on Steve Breen 2 days ago

    Hmm, Presbyterian on my mother’s side, our house shared the property line with the University Presbyterian Church she helped build. I went to kindergarten in the church basement.
    According to the above list only three churches are more liberal.
    Does this count as contributing to my bias against republican extremists?
    I had not looked at religion in quite this way before, a viewpoint not taken.

  10. Stipple commented on Robert Ariail 2 days ago

    Back to the toon.
    Trump repeating Bernie’s claims against Hillary does nothing to strengthen Trump, it detracts from their validity by Trump repeating them.
    So it hurts Bernie more than it hurts Hillary.
    Nobody! But Nobody wants Trumps agreeing with anything they say, even other republicans. Well, up to three days ago on that last, they are all actually the worms Trump said they would be.
    Which is the real story.