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  1. Stipple commented on Gary Markstein 1 day ago

    Can he wipe his own butt? Trump gives the impression he is not potty trained.

  2. Stipple commented on Clay Jones 1 day ago

    You are not alone in preferring non insane.

    Some folks are too close to the condition to realize the effects of their actions. The bull does not understand a China Shop and only wants a way out.

    Panic in small minds gave us Trump. Seeing plainly what Trump really is put America back on track for Hillary.

    The deplorable, unchanging, ignorant Trump slaves are not enough to elect an insane candidate. This was true right along but the Nervous Nellies got into a sweat before the big rush of the uninformed gained knowledge and unswelled Trump’s ranks, leaving the deplorables confused and resentful.

  3. Stipple commented on Gary Varvel 1 day ago

    Because not everyone belong to the private clubs that run the primaries. If you are not a member you cannot vote.

    Most folks do not belong, but in a general election all citizens are permitted to vote unless Trump and his deplorables intimidate some to stay home due to fear of violence from the rebranded republican thugs.

  4. Stipple commented on Rob Rogers 1 day ago

    Congrats to the member that called it early.

    Sure enough, as soon as it became obvious Trump supporters, other than the deplorable portion, deserted him as a nut job, well…Garland is looking pretty good now.

    I now agree, let the next president choose. The court has been crippled for seven months by the idiots, what is another month or so matter now?

    ‘Choose wisely’ has been a meme for years, republicans just do not understand the concept.

  5. Stipple commented on Jim Morin 1 day ago

    Granny Clinton bakes some good cookies, but she does not share with vulgar little boys.

    Trump had a tantrum and went home crying, stopping only once to disrespect the Catholic Church, venting in a safe location. Some folks are born cowards and never get put to the test.

    Who wants Trump on their side in a fight? Will he run to save himself? Has he the mental stability to not panic?

    He demonstrates what the answers are every time he is caught. The crying child without his mommy is pathetic indeed.

  6. Stipple commented on Tim Eagan 2 days ago

    During the first two debates Trump lost his focus after twenty minutes and then sniffled his way to the end.

    This time was different, he traded the sniffles portion for absolute lunacy.

    Hillary needed a firesuit and the first row of spectators needed plastic covers and umbrellas.

    I do suspect all were prepared. it was so obvious ahead of time this inevitable implosion was happening.

    Chirp explained it all quite plainly, this is exactly why all competent folks are doubling down on Hillary for president.

  7. Stipple commented on Robert Ariail 2 days ago

    The mysteries of grammar and syntax remain out of his reach as well.

    Give wbr props for consistency, his thoughts always match his writing skills.

  8. Stipple commented on Jeff Danziger 2 days ago

    I listen to music my parents don’t like also.

    Music is now criminal if a democrat likes it?

    Sorry, but I do laugh at most of your posts, inadvertent humor, like Trump when he thinks he is being presidential. (snicker)

  9. Stipple commented on Steve Breen 3 days ago

    Ha ha ha, ho hah, ah, ho ho.

    Over the edge far enough we can openly laugh as the absurdities in their minds.

    Research what? The aliens are being uncooperative in communicating to non Trump supporters.

    How biased of them.

  10. Stipple commented on Gary Markstein 3 days ago

    Trump’s grasp on reality is consistent with that of his supporters.

    I am assuming his people have syringes of tranquilizers ready for November nine as it looks as if Trump is going to be genuinely insane at his loss.

    His meltdown is as inevitable as his overwhelming defeat.