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  1. Stipple commented on Peanuts Begins about 14 hours ago

    “It was a dark and stormy night…”

  2. Stipple commented on Clay Jones 2 days ago

    That was my original point, dumping the kids with caregivers while they get on with their real lives.

  3. Stipple commented on Clay Bennett 2 days ago

    “Bottom line is IF You listen to them do what they ask then life goes on”
    No, it does not.
    Many videos show that to be a direct lie. More than three of four, many.

  4. Stipple commented on Robert Ariail 2 days ago

    I have been repeatedly contacted by an old friend. Now on reading old comments I realize what I post has changed and now is not what it was.
    I like this site but at times it seems I cannot push myself away from the keyboard. Mere embarrassment I can take but I am saying things not acceptable.
    I see attitudes in print that should not be.
    I do not understand those attitudes, but there they are. I do not know why my old friends cannot do what I do, but they cannot and here we are.
    I am just a tad mental but so much I do not realize I cannot post any more. I have not the self control and when I think you all are just putting me on I say things I believe are already known, but are not. Part of my mental.
    Many folks commenting here have caused my to contemplate ideas and facts I had not encountered elsewhere and I will miss their input.
    Most care less about me being here or not than they do about last weeks lunch.
    But I care, my years here were educational.
    I was active in my youth when times were what we are facing now. My children are gone and I am in a similar situation as well.
    The circle is complete.
    PS: I shall attempt to read and not post, but the force is strong.

  5. Stipple commented on Jeff Danziger 2 days ago

    Eating Skittles and rat from a Taco bowl at Trump Cafe.
    And liking it.

  6. Stipple commented on Joe Heller 2 days ago

    I do not have time for ridiculous crap either.
    Same reason I do not tune in on Alex Jones, it is not funny enough to waste time on.

    Nothing will make these folks rational, nothing.
    Tom reads like sarcasm, in fact, if lifted and repeated elsewhere it would be taken for bad satire.
    I suspect maybe it really is, I have a very difficult time believing comments so incredibly stupid could be written seriously.
    Really, take note of how ignorant the drivel actually is, no way he believes it himself, even idiots know better.

  7. Stipple commented on Mike Luckovich 2 days ago

    Trump is a temporary fad for the uneducated.
    This strip was here before and it will be here after.
    This short sighted attitude is a part of the Trump idiocy.
    Yesterday and tomorrow count, really they do.

  8. Stipple commented on Clay Jones 2 days ago

    I realize the legalities.
    The real world situation is the pair has no real attachment to the children other than as a public couple.
    In this real world the children have to go somewhere.
    Which of these stars has the time and inclination to be a single parent of a large variety of children adopted to make political points?
    Are we sure these two do not support Trump? This has all the earmarks of his forward thinking.

  9. Stipple commented on Rob Rogers 2 days ago

    There are some who consider me a terrorist. I did cause $30,000,000 in damage to an oil company.
    The FBI picked me up and played their silly games then I walked, with a large smile. They could not release their notions of what happened and insisted on their version like the republicans doubling down on stupid. I was not a lone wolf, these things take planning and coordination.
    Their insistence of my being a lone wolf is what freed me, the world just does not work that way, it takes a village.
    These guys make Trump look smart, their faith in their imagination driven scenarios handicapping them so severely they cannot do their jobs.
    Darsa54 and OldCoal said it truly.

  10. Stipple commented on Matt Davies 2 days ago

    2009 is when they applied an insurance payment to a new account and claimed I still owed the payment.
    Even with a receipt it took almost a year to fix because they held off stealing my payment for three months, I assume to give me time to lose the receipt.
    Seven years later and they are still doing the same thing, only on a larger scale.
    This is company policy, not errant low level employees.