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  1. Stipple commented on Ted Rall 8 months ago

    “Our brother’s bound and gagged,
    And they’ve tied him to a chair.
    Won’t you please come to Chicago…”

    Yeah, boomer here and the infighting today doesn’t seem to have as much impact. We all got numb to it.
    I remember outrage at American soldiers shooting in to crowds of American students at Kent state.
    Yet at Waco the government sent American Tanks into the compound of American citizens.

    Progress? The police shootings of unarmed civilians is no longer even newsworthy.

  2. Stipple commented on Rob Rogers 8 months ago

    “fight for choice”

    Throwing bombs at edifices comes to mind.
    If that is what I am hearing. The last resort of the trampled.
    Put on a vest and do some good when you die.

  3. Stipple commented on Robert Ariail 8 months ago

    At this point I advocate bombing the s—- out of America.
    Perhaps this will keep the machine too busy to invade other countries.
    It can’t make it any worse here.

  4. Stipple commented on Joel Pett 8 months ago

    “don’t tell me it was Bush”

    Would not do any good if I did, you have had your fingers in your ears while screaming for the last lix years.

    I do not expect rational thinking from you at all.

  5. Stipple commented on Truth Facts 8 months ago

    I finally joined a few months back, to keep up on all my relative’s children and post about my own children.

    Not all the adult children are members although some are.

  6. Stipple commented on Views of the World 8 months ago

    “Reap what you sow”

    That is older than the 1400 years of Islam internal conflict.

  7. Stipple commented on Clay Bennett 8 months ago

    “gay people would cheer”

    I gotta ask, how did you become the spokesperson for the gay community?
    Was it an election or just your natural talent?

  8. Stipple commented on Nick Anderson 8 months ago

    This is exactly the result the extremists were trying to stop with their suppression of non white voters.
    See what happens when non whites are allowed free rein at casting votes. Chaos, just total chaos and socialist commie representation elected to steal all their hard won gains.

  9. Stipple commented on Rob Rogers 8 months ago

    “Iraq’s democratic hopes”

    you funny.

  10. Stipple commented on Mike Luckovich 8 months ago

    Thermometers have no agenda, they merely indicate a physical property, heat.
    Oceans are hotter, air is hotter, ice is less, permafrost is melting.
    This is not debatable.
    To pretend otherwise is either extremely disingenuous or deliberate lie.
    When spoken by one who definitely is in the position to have access to temperature records it is a deliberate lie.
    When spoken by a person too ignorant to check records it is a reflection of very poor judgement.

    TripleAxel is obviously proficient on the internet where the raw records are available, the conclusion is obvious.