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  1. d_johns13 commented on Free Range 23 minutes ago

    There are TWO kinds of workers: Those that wash their hands AFTER going to the bathroom; and those who wash their hands BEFORE the go to the bathroom…. ;-)

  2. d_johns13 commented on Cornered 27 minutes ago

    Says the CEO who is making millions PER year!!!!

  3. d_johns13 commented on Soup to Nutz 3 days ago

    Yea; just memorize it for the test / quiz and forget tomorrow. What a great educational system we now have.

  4. d_johns13 commented on dro-mo 6 days ago

    I remember when transistor radios became popular!

  5. d_johns13 commented on The Flying McCoys 6 days ago

    Our SECRET weapon that eventually won the war: Squirrels!

  6. d_johns13 commented on Calvin and Hobbes 15 days ago

    Suzy always gets her man!

  7. d_johns13 commented on Aunty Acid 15 days ago

    Its called “Universal Healthcare” here in Canada! And yes; it is NOT free; and it’s not perfect; but at least everyone is taken care of; NOT just the politicians in Ottawa (or Washington D.C. as in the case of the USA). Even Russia has universal healthcare! And don’t even get me started on Big-Pharma’s version of healthcare; that’s more like “chronic-sickness” and uncaring “care”!!!!

  8. d_johns13 commented on Truth Facts 17 days ago

    My motto for decades has been; “If the local critic likes it; I DO NOT see it; if the critic hates it; I’ll probably love it!”…. ;-)

  9. d_johns13 commented on dro-mo 18 days ago

    Yea; glory for the generals; blood and guts given by the soldiers…. sort of just like the real work-world…. workers don’t even get a living wage while the CEOs make obscene amounts of money.

  10. d_johns13 commented on Herman 20 days ago

    I always thought these were just paintings of polar bears in a whiteout blizzard….