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  1. Mephistopheles GoComics Pro Member commented on Lisa Benson about 1 month ago

    @twclix – But your wrong. I do see a path from here to where I want us to be. And it begins with voting for Trump :)

    Our species hasn’t evolved that far in the last 50 years but our Society has changed. There is a difference. I can adapt to change and have done very well at it. But I don’t have to like it.

    And when I see a change occuring for no other reason then my neighbor thinks there should be one – I get have my voice too.

    And we do still have other collaboritve methods other then government force. Churches, Synogogues, United way, etc. etc.

    We will see if my action is rear guard. Talk to you in November

  2. Mephistopheles GoComics Pro Member commented on Tom Toles about 1 month ago

    @Wabbit – As for disability. I went to our local Social Security Office a year ago to get an SS card for my son so he could get his driver’s license. The room was full of young able bodied people sharing and swapping strategies for convincing the local Social Security Office that they deserved SSDI becuase they were too sick or injured to work.

    One little darlin was even noting that her neighbor figured out how to get her daughter on SSDI because they convinced the office that she had mental issues.

    So don’t tell me it’s too hard to get on Social Security Disability – It’s entirely too easy if you ask me.

  3. Mephistopheles GoComics Pro Member commented on Tom Toles about 1 month ago

    @Wabbit – About your concern for whether or not the poor support the economy – it is beside the point.

    You want me to accept your premise that it is OK to take money from my community and ship it somewhere else to strengthen someone else’s community. And I won’t. The cities seem to have all sorts of ways to funnel tax payer dollars to their local charities. But we, out in rural America, continue to get fleeced so that the cities are comfortable.

    Those dollars that are taken from me and my fellow taxpayers would have been used to purchase dinners in the local restaurants, cars at the local dealership, feed at the local mill for cattle or sheep, groceries in the local stores. All of those purchases employ locals in my community and keep my community strong. It’s a zero sum game when the Federal Government plays Robin Hood. I know you would like to tell yourself that those tax dollars are just coming from the wicked 1% but they are coming from the hard working 3% and the equally hard working 30%.

    It is wrong!!!! It is Theft.

    I am not an anti-taxer. I support paying taxes for things that benefit all of us: Infrastructure, National Defense, Roads, etc. I don’t support taxes being handed out to those who think work is too good for them.

  4. Mephistopheles GoComics Pro Member commented on Lisa Benson about 1 month ago

    @Uncle Joe – Actually I have a dog eared copy of “The Prince” on my desk. I also have a copy of Sun Tzu’s The Ancient Art of War.

    Let’s talk morals for a moment. It isn’t Moral to be generous with someone else’s money. There is no sacrifice or service it taking someone else’s earnings or property and giving it to the poor. Show me in the Bible where Jesus said “Take all of your neighbors goods and give them to the poor”.

    I applaud those who do charitiable work for their community or their country whether it be donating property or giving service of their time and efforts. I teach my kids, my boy scouts and my 4-H youth to give freely of themselves to charitable works.

    I have nothing but disdain for those who would rob their neighbor of his earnings so they can give it to the poor in the name of being moral or decent. And that’s what happens when you rob the producers to give out largess to the needy. You cheapen the very act of giving and then wrap yourself up in your moral superiority that you are kinder to the poor then that rich guy. You don’t know how much money, time, and talent I and my fellow citizens give to the poor but you feel wholly justified in adding to it by taking my tax dollars out of my community and giving it to some other community whether I think it is deserving of charity or not.

    The Federal government has proven itself to be a poor selector of who should receive charity and how that charity should be delivered. The war on poverty has been an epic to the tune of Trillions of dollars failure.

    You want to give to the poor – Go ahead and you will receive my admiration and my blessing. But don’t expect me to support the same charity you do. I choose my charities carefully. I make sure there is low administrative overhead and that the people receiving the money are using it appropriately. The Federal Government does not. Neither does my state government.

    As for Kids in poverty – there are all sorts of programs that make sure the kids are taken care of: Asside from School Breakfasts and Lunches we have a food panty, a clothing drive, a school supplies drive, a Christmas present drive, a Thanksgiving dinner drive and an Easter drive all in my little community. We take very good care of the poor in our neighborhood – And they show up for Church everytime we are handing out donations. Then they disappear until the next freeby opporunity. The worst part is that some of the charitable organizations in our area funnel the excess in our community off to the local city where it goes unappreciated.

    Keep your morals – they are obviously bankrupt!!!

  5. Mephistopheles GoComics Pro Member commented on Lisa Benson about 1 month ago

    @twclix – Parsing your post … Oooh it’s a big one isn’t it :)

    Paragraph 1: You shortened the sentence and eliminated the context. I said "Trump, to many of us, represents an opportunity to return to an America that applauds: Success, Hard work, Self Discipline, Self reliance, and citizenship. I meant exactly that. I was born in the 60’s and raised in the 70’s and 80’s. I belonged to 4-H, Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, my church Youth group. We were raised to be citizens and we didn’t get a trophy for showing up. We understood that there usually would only be one winner. We didn’t expect equal outcome. We didn’t expect the coaches and the parents to level the field for us even though the other guy was bigger, faster, stronger or smarter. And we were expected to be good sports about it when we lost. I long for those days and we could have that again if we didn’t buy into the progressive tripe that raising a child’s self-esteem even if it is done artificially is more important then teaching them how to be a gracious loser and an even more gracious winner.

    As for what Obama has done – His signature health care is a clear example of where he wants to give out health care to everyone whether or not they can afford it. He is creating another welfare benefit for those who want something that they haven’t earned. Another example of equal outcome rather then equal opportunity. You may agree with his rationale that everyone deserves it but I, and many like me, do not.

    Paragraph 2: Hillary has… I don’t object to bars, casinos, brothels, or any other purveyor of vice and I don’t hold them responsible for people who fail to succeed any more then I hold 31 flavors or KFC responsible for fat people. In fact I applaud any successful business. But Hillary will continue Obama’s failed policies of telling the masses that it’s not their fault they are poor or unsuccessful. She will goad them into violence (as we see on the streets today) by blaming the police or the bankers or whoever else makes an easy target. Obama is reaping what he has sewn regarding his blaming the police for the recent violence.

    Paragraph 3: I don’t consider No Indictment from a captive FBI a glowing endorsement. Trey Gowdy did a great job of showing that the FBI showed special favoritism to Hillary for her bevior even while they have prosecuted and are prosecuting others for lesser but similar crimes. She lied under oath and the FBI director admitted under Trey Gowdy’s questioning. She considers herself above the law. And if Trump gets into office I hope she gets the opportunity to prove her guilt or innocent in a court of law where the FBI can’t be protector. I think she would find it very difficult if she went to court and had to testify under oath. Of course she has already shown that it doesn’t trouble her much to commit purgery.

    Red State/Blue State isn’t the way to measure who contributes and who doesn’t. That isn’t special pleading it just speaks to Blue states are, quite often, very wealthy i.e. California, New York, Washington and very liberal. What really matters is person by person. Is a household paying their own way, supporting themselves with earnings? Or are they relying on government proceeds for their very existance. Citizens contribute to society through taxes, charitable works, raising families that are the next generation of citizens. This is probably an area for more debate but it is something I beleive firmly in.

    We do have a brutal economy but fear is being injected from both sides. The left tells the poor that the Republicans will take away their: Foodstamps, Welfare, SSDI, Federal Housing Vouchers, School Vouchers, etc. Isn’t it any wonder that most of Illinois is Red but Cook county is Blue and then all of our Presidential Delegates go to the Democrats.

    Policies that have to stop: Obamacare – It is unsustainable and is going to collapse. The answer isnt to ruin health care for everyone. The answer is find where the government can reduce the cost of healthcare without promising it to people who haven’t earned the money to get it. Transparency – I remember him promising a transparent government. Turns out he has a lot to hide (who would have thought). I would like to see him propose a presidential order that forces agencies to be honest with the American people. Isn’t it funny how Lois Lerner’s hard drive crashed and was destroyed when data off of it was needed?

    You seem to jump between Hillary isn’t as bad as Trump to Well Trump did it too. Look neither candidate is perfect. But I don’t like the direction Obama has taken us and I think Hillary will continue us down that path. The answer to unsuccessful people isn’t to drag down the successful people so the unsuccesful don’t feel bad. The answer is to find ways to help those who aren’t successful to change the bad habits that are holding them back: Sloth, Drug dependence, failure to capitalize on educational opportunities, failure to save for a rainy day, living within their means, etc. etc.

    I consider myself quite successful, my wife of 26 years and I have always worked hard, lived within our means and contributed to local charities. We lead 4-H troops, Boyscout Troops, STEM classes, Junior Achievement etc. etc. We have raised 3 Children that will be citizens. 2 Valedictorians and a 3rd will be one in a year, 1 eagle scout and another will be one in 2 months. You get the picture. The reason I tell you this is because I want you to understand why I say this. I do not want my children to be the slaves of the underclass. I see the sluggards and thugs in the schools around us. The kids who put no effort into their education and expect to be cared for when they get out of school. I don’t want my kids or my neighbors kids to be expected to carry those rabble because they won’t take care of themselves.

    There is a moral hazard to allowing the indolent and the stupid to dig their claws into the backs and wallets of the productive and the industrious. Hillary doesn’t see that, Obama doesn’t see that, but I hope perhaps you will.

    My ideals, my vote and my efforts go to making this country a safe and prosperous country for the next generation.

  6. Mephistopheles GoComics Pro Member commented on Tom Toles about 1 month ago

    @Night-Gaunt – When you enforce wealth distribution like the Federal Government does now – You steal from some neighborhoods to give to others. The Federal Government puts itself in charge of deciding who is deserving of largess and who is not.

    When money is taken from me to give out somewhere else. That leaves less money for me to spend at Restaurants, Hardware Stores, Gas Stations, etc. Those businesses employ my neighbors and keep middle class jobs going.

    As for the money flowing up. Nobody is forcibly taking it from the 99%. They freely give up their wealth in exchange for goods and services i.e. Groceries, Gas, Cable TV, Cell phone, etc. It is a voluntary transaction. Compare that to the government forcing me and others like me to give to a charity that we find counterproductive and wrong.

    There are ways to help people out of poverty that don’t involve giving them money and making them dependent on the government for their very existence.

    If you want to support the poor by just throwing money at it … Then throw YOUR money at it and leave me and my friends to use our money to help the poor in the ways we think are more successful.

    To be clear – your way isn’t very successful. We have thrown trillions at the poor (war on poverty) since LBJ and we have just as many if not MORE poor then we had back then. Obviously the Federal Government way ISN"T working

  7. Mephistopheles GoComics Pro Member commented on Lisa Benson about 1 month ago

    @1941gko – I think Trump has been aggressive and even ruthless in business. And the stories we hear of Hillary Clinton and the unfortunate accidents that befall people who happen to be in her way are legendary.

    But I don’t think morals are what concern you. I think you are afraid that some of the gravy trains are going to be cut off when a conservative gets in power. That really isn’t about morals. It’s about keeping the progressive spigot on.

  8. Mephistopheles GoComics Pro Member commented on Tom Toles about 1 month ago

    @Mad4U – I suspected as much. Personally I’m not socially conservative but I understand the need for a vice president who is. Trump needs someone to keep the evangelicals in his camp. He also needs some midwestern credentials which Pence brings.

    I don’t usually associate anti-progressive with a lack of intelligence. Socially conservative, maybe, but not anti-progressive. I know a lot of smart people who are sick and tired of government enforced wealth distribution.

  9. Mephistopheles GoComics Pro Member commented on Lisa Benson about 1 month ago

    @twclix – I don’t hate the President. I find his policies a rejection of the America I love but he is entitled to his opinions without engendering hate. And parsing what you had to say – Where is my comment a gross distortion?

    Trump is a capitalist that has failed multiple times but kept trying and never let the setbacks convince him to quit. That is exactly what this country needs – If for any reason to give the quitters and the failure apologists a good example of what it takes to eventually be successful.

    Hillary has been in bed with wall Street since the Bill Clinton years. She speaks to their groups and gets paid handsomely to do it. To suggest their is no cronyism going on would BE a gross distortion of the truth.

    The last part of my post was a question for you not a statement so it really can’t be attributed to a distortion.

    You and I don’t agree on what this country needs or about what each candidate will do to the country. That is fine. But don’t sputter and fluff like an angry hen when you don’t like what someone else has to say.

  10. Mephistopheles GoComics Pro Member commented on Lisa Benson about 1 month ago

    @twclix – Trump, to many of us, represents an opportunity to return to an America that applauds: Success, Hard work, Self Discipline, Self reliance, and citizenship.

    Hillary represents a doubling down on Obama’s policies of coddling the: Indolent and undisciplined masses that crave equal outcome regardless of the effort invested.

    You can apologize for the lying ex-secretary of state all you want but she has raised cronyism and corruption to a new lofty height.

    What we have come to as a country is a polarized country with the two polls being: 1) Those who are productive contributors to society and applaud hard work and success
    2) Those who whine about how the system is rigged and unfair and applaud those clever enough to get by without contributing to society.

    Just guess which one each Candidate represents?