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  1. Plumbob Wilson commented on Speed Bump about 4 hours ago


  2. Plumbob Wilson commented on Over the Hedge about 4 hours ago

    Guess I just never developed an appreciation for “Dr Who”. BBC special effects required you to suspend not just disbelief, but ALL critical thought processes. The Spike Milligan bit about the Daleks was a side-splitter, though.

  3. Plumbob Wilson commented on Get Fuzzy about 4 hours ago

    As I recall, the story arc had the Monkeywhere? shirts being a surprise fashion hit, until D.C. lost interest in the story line and dropped it.

  4. Plumbob Wilson commented on Pearls Before Swine 1 day ago

    As a teenager many, many years ago, I worked summers as a ride operator at an amusement park. They had a mid-week promotion called “McDonald Days” where they’d bring in a Ronald McD to give out coupons, ride with the kids, do photo ops, etc. I was running a ride called the “Trabant” that spun and tilted. If you timed flipping the control switch between “raise” and “lower”, you could set up a mechanical resonance that resulted in the riders being alternately subjected to 2G and 0G (which produced some interesting results in teenaged girls, I might add – ah, the days of tube tops). Needless to say, I bounced the bejesus out of Ronald, who puked all over a group of kids. Good times.

  5. Plumbob Wilson commented on Get Fuzzy 1 day ago

    The difference being, of course, that cats are obnoxious by instinct rather than choice.

  6. Plumbob Wilson commented on Doonesbury 4 days ago

    Don’t think it’s playing quoits.

  7. Plumbob Wilson commented on Ink Pen 5 days ago

    Or Timothy Leary.

  8. Plumbob Wilson commented on Non Sequitur 6 days ago

    You’re not a REALLY dedicated vegan unless you have your canine teeth pulled.

  9. Plumbob Wilson commented on Doonesbury 6 days ago

    I think so. That was right around the time she was into the past lives nonsense.

  10. Plumbob Wilson commented on Ink Pen 7 days ago

    That’s the edge Ranier had over Olympia.