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  1. Vakua789 commented on Calvin and Hobbes 5 months ago

    What!? There’s not even a box to convert the television signal from digital to analog! Mind = Blown.

  2. Vakua789 commented on FoxTrot 5 months ago

    well hacking is easier on a laptop, so Jason’s probably using it for that reason, plus “World of Warquest”!

  3. Vakua789 commented on FoxTrot 7 months ago

    Its Apollo 11, not 13. he’s putting down the flag.

  4. Vakua789 commented on FoxTrot 7 months ago


  5. Vakua789 commented on FoxTrot 7 months ago


  6. Vakua789 commented on FoxTrot 7 months ago

    Devilish monsters? all I saw was Gandalf fighting the Balrog

  7. Vakua789 commented on Brewster Rockit 7 months ago

    Just put all of your assets a half-second out of sync with the rest of the universe! then no one will be able to find them. or, better yet, follow this money-making plan:
    1-Go back in time 1 second
    2-Rob yourself blind
    3-Return to your own time
    4-Wait 1 second
    5-Repeat steps 1-4 until desired outcome is achieved
    6-Make sure to never invent a device to travel between universes, because all of the alternate yous will now hate you

  8. Vakua789 commented on dro-mo 8 months ago

    Its like the pokemon season 14 theme song: “Its not always black and white…”, please pardon my poor singing

  9. Vakua789 commented on The Argyle Sweater 9 months ago

    Easy peasy, just disconnect the part that would plug into the i4 and line the leads up to the positive and negative inputs in the socket of the i5. I’m pretty sure they’re the first two