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  1. BarbJay commented on Pickles 3 days ago

    Well, Opal may be a knitter and crochet person but she apparently is not a diy crafter. There are tons of things she could do and make with that old tray!

  2. BarbJay commented on Pickles 4 days ago

    My husband always gets the bay leaf I forget to remove. Certainly not as bad as finding that chicken bone. My dad almost choked on a toothpick my mom put in his sandwich to keep it from falling apart. THAT was bad.

  3. BarbJay commented on For Better or For Worse 9 days ago

    Never had some of the above described problems in the 50s. There was one girl, though, who dressed so oddly that she was the butt of a lot of jokes and teasing. She had long hair, about waist length and wore it in braids coiled around her head. Her blouses were high collared , long sleeved and edged with ruffles. Her outfits looked like something you’d see the schoolteacher wear in Little House on the Prairie, which didn’t even exist when I was in 8th grade. I saw her on a bus several years later with very short hair and up to date clothes. I assume her parents had insisted she wear the “olden days” apparel.
    After that ear piercing discussion yesterday, I went and looked at the graduation photos in my high school yearbook. Not even ONE girl in the photos was wearing earrings, pierced or not! That was 1960. I know I didn’t start wearing earrings until I had a fulltime job a few years later. Oh, and those comments about uncomfortable clip earrings…I just pull the finding back a bit, being careful not to break it, and it’s just fine. I suppose, as someone mentioned, I could get pierced ears now, but I have quite a large collection of clip on and a few screw back (from Mom) earrings. Thanks for all the comments.

  4. BarbJay commented on Pickles 10 days ago

    Maybe I’d like cats if I weren’t allergic to them. Then again, maybe not.

  5. BarbJay commented on For Better or For Worse 10 days ago

    When I was a child, over 60 years ago, most women did not have pierced ears. At that time, where I lived in Chicago, anyway, it was considered something from a “foreign culture”. Women wore clip on and/or screw back earrings. I think it was the ’70s when ads started appearing in newspapers for free ear piercing when you bought a pair of earrings at a local store. All of a sudden it was the fashionable thing to do. All my friends and coworkers had it done and our daughters begged until we said yes, which was when they were in high school.

    My husband never liked the idea of “putting holes in your body”, as he remarked and preferred that I didn’t get my ears pierced. At the time, it made no difference to me, so, to please him, I didn’t have that done. If I had known how extremely popular pierced ears and earrings would become, I would have had that procedure performed on me because soon it was almost impossible, as it still is, to find earrings for non pierced ears. I know a couple websites that sell them and often I buy clip on earring findings at a craft store, and change the pierced ones to clip, when possible. One never knows what the future will bring.

  6. BarbJay commented on Pickles 17 days ago

    I just read about a similar scam in the newspaper a couple days ago. Guy calls, says he’s the grandson. Send money. Don’t tell mom & dad. This stuff really happens.

  7. BarbJay commented on Pickles 4 months ago

    Another day about the sheets!?! Geez.

  8. BarbJay commented on Pickles 4 months ago

    Three strips about sheets and three strips about the fantastic anniversary trip they took to Hawaii. For people who usually only go as far as the park or the fabric store that was a BIG deal and now we’re hearing about sheets.

  9. BarbJay commented on Pickles 5 months ago

    Still, not as bad as the pink bunny pajamas in A Christmas Story.

  10. BarbJay commented on Luann 5 months ago

    It’s not exactly “wilderness”. You can see where the car is parked near a lawn, a fence and a sign. It’s probably a nearby park.