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  1. lenteraluna commented on Cathy almost 4 years ago

    When everything’s going to worse, Irving left away just like that?? eyeroll
    Now there’s Lydia, single fighter confronting two berserk woman.

  2. lenteraluna commented on Cathy almost 4 years ago

    Poor Cathy…
    If I were you I would after him and spy for a while ;)
    But I’m wondering how if Irving was actually shopping with his cousin?

  3. lenteraluna commented on Cathy almost 4 years ago

    Perhaps it’s because of the room lighting. The store fitting room lighting is designed to create such “feeling good” mood to look at yourself wearing the outfit. While the home lighting doesn’t concern with such of thing.

    Hello all, I’ve been a Cathy nuts since I was 15. My mom bought me an old copy of “Revelations from a 45-pound purse” from a secondhand bookseller. I can’t believe I found this comic strip! I’ve been searching the entire bookstores in town but can’t find any Cathy collections! :-( I wanted to buy online, but I don’t have credit card or Paypal thing.

    However, I still can enjoy this daily comic strips. Nice to meet you all! :-)

  4. lenteraluna commented on Cathy about 4 years ago

    I do have the same way of thinking with Cathy if I meet my ex bf. It just simply imagining what would happen if i took the other decision (to preserve the relationship), it’s not regretting at all. Anyway, I love Cathy’s dress! Sometimes I admire her fashion taste.