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  1. Phil_K commented on Strange Brew 6 days ago


  2. Phil_K commented on In the Bleachers 7 days ago

    Actually health fads are just another way for people to feel superior to others and bring attention to themselves. People don’t just quietly choose to not eat gluten, they want others to have to change the way they eat.

  3. Phil_K commented on Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal 10 days ago

    I saw them in ‘68. They rocked. You just didn’t want to be in the first few rows : (

  4. Phil_K commented on Reality Check 10 days ago

    Savvy candy-makers (and retailers) know that’s what will happen and this way they sell more.

  5. Phil_K commented on Inspector Danger's Crime Quiz 11 days ago

    Some fat of people smell like pancakes even when they aren’t eating any at the moment.

  6. Phil_K commented on Shoe 12 days ago

    That’s great! You can’t say it is inaccurate.

  7. Phil_K commented on Dog Eat Doug 12 days ago

    The point of this is: pet owners are living in filth.

  8. Phil_K commented on Speed Bump 13 days ago

    Oh! It’s an opossum. I thought it was Bieber when I saw the picture.

  9. Phil_K commented on Momma 14 days ago

    Bombs are cheaper than foodstamps

  10. Phil_K commented on FoxTrot Classics 18 days ago

    Just your Basic joke.