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  1. Philip Kelly commented on Working It Out 6 days ago

    Essentially true, but their employees are still government union employees, so their pay is not based on merit and they lack accountability.

  2. Philip Kelly commented on Reality Check 7 days ago

    These cartoon shows for small children often talk directly to and ask questions of the child watching. It’ can be unsettling if you (an adult) are watching, because they look right at you and there’s a pause for your response. Not for me though. I talk back.

  3. Philip Kelly commented on The Flying McCoys 7 days ago

    The Clintons traded us all nuclear tech. for “campaign contributions” years ago.

  4. Philip Kelly commented on Wizard of Id 7 days ago


    “the yearly risk of dying from a vending machine accident is roughly 1 in 112 million. Vending machines are roughly twice as deadly as sharks.”

  5. Philip Kelly commented on Speed Bump 7 days ago

    because most of what they say is nonsense

  6. Philip Kelly commented on Jim's Journal 8 days ago

    This is a fascinating glimpse into the lives of the working poor. Jim has one chair. When his friend comes over, he sits on the floor. I guess if he made guests sit on the floor, they wouldn’t come over.

  7. Philip Kelly commented on The Duplex 10 days ago

    One tiny oar : (

  8. Philip Kelly commented on Overboard 11 days ago

    No. Liberals have no problem taking other people’s stuff. It’s what they do.

  9. Philip Kelly commented on Peanuts Begins 13 days ago

    The new house is on a sewer hookup and doesn’t have a septic tank in the yard.

  10. Philip Kelly commented on Ripley's Believe It or Not 13 days ago

    Traditions like this are the reason the country is riddled with sickness and diseases that were wiped out centuries ago in civilized countries.