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  1. Lemons GoComics Pro Member commented on Too Much Coffee Man about 3 years ago

    Glad someone else had a crazy week where everyone depended on them and made demands of them now has to go to extremes to relax

  2. Lemons GoComics Pro Member commented on The Green Monkeys about 4 years ago

    This make anyone else want to move to Canada or become. A teacher? :-( :-)

  3. Lemons GoComics Pro Member commented on Jim Morin about 4 years ago

    anyone time how long it took romney toblame this on obama and how this wouldn’t have happened if he were prez?
    it is sad, but anyone who thinks libyan ambassador thought his life was safe needs to join crazies. :-) he died trying to further what he believed in and the us believes. then ultimately put himselfi in harms way in an effort to save staff.