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  1. ChevJames007 commented on Steve Benson about 21 hours ago

    The knife is missing from Bernie’s back.

  2. ChevJames007 commented on Walt Handelsman about 21 hours ago

    Hillary is the Empress of Corruption. Trump may be no prize, but I’ll take him over a mega-liar who outright tells her big donors: “Well, you have to have a public and a private position.”

  3. ChevJames007 commented on Jack Ohman about 21 hours ago

    Election day may be a surprise—but in a different way than Hillary’s supporters expect. Remember the 1980 election, when the pollsters said it was too close to call, and Reagan won in a landslide?

  4. ChevJames007 commented on Jeff Danziger about 21 hours ago

    Hillary feels she has bought and paid for the election.

  5. ChevJames007 commented on Lisa Benson about 21 hours ago

    Democrats are very patriotic when it comes to voting. They even come out of their graves to go to polling places—and not just one, either.

  6. ChevJames007 commented on Mike Lester about 21 hours ago

    You Dems know, but won’t admit it, that the Clinton’s are all about influence peddling. It is the entire basis of the Clinton Foundation. And it means only one thing: your needs don’t count if you can’t put cash on the barrel head.

  7. ChevJames007 commented on Henry Payne about 21 hours ago

    Gore reportedly said, “Bill Clinton sacrificed me upon the altar of gun control.”

  8. ChevJames007 commented on Marshall Ramsey 3 days ago

    No, they are not alike. One is admittedly buffoonish. The other is a polished liar. I’ll take the buffoon.

  9. ChevJames007 commented on Glenn McCoy 3 days ago

    Hillary’s a professional, all right: a professional liar and influence peddler!

  10. ChevJames007 commented on Mike Lester 3 days ago

    I wouldn’t pay a nickel to see an NFL game. Why do I care about what a bunch of multi-millionaires do on a field? And with the likes of Kaepernik among them, I’m doubly sure I won’t ever attend a game.