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  1. WF11 commented on Working Daze about 3 hours ago

    Roy seems to be getting “bigger” lately, if I’m not mistaken. Of course, I’ve known lots of guys (myself included) who put on weight after getting married, in some cases quite a lot (myself not included here, fortunately). It seems to be very common.

  2. WF11 commented on Working Daze 6 days ago

    Does “Rakour / Zoberts” count as one or two?
    I think that Dana smiling while talking to Rita should count as one as well.
    Otherwise, I pretty much got them all but my count was different every time I went through it… so there could be over 30. The only one that really got me was that I couldn’t figure out what the heck Jay was holding – never thought of an outsized coffee cup!

  3. WF11 commented on Pearls Before Swine 11 days ago

    I haven’t seen (or used) one of those bowls to spit in for at least 20 years – I don’t know what they’re actually called. Are they even used anymore? What bothered me about them was (growing up in a dry California climate) they seemed to be a serious waste of water. I’m not saying I particularly like the “suction” method any better, however.

  4. WF11 commented on Working Daze 26 days ago


  5. WF11 commented on Working Daze 27 days ago

    It looks to me like Dana’s hair has grown back to it’s original length. And yes, the colors of the pots indicate to me who is who among the plants (hmm, that sounds kind of weird), so it is pretty easy to figure out. For instance, if I may add, the orange one is Sue and the red is Carolina.
    Also, regarding the consequences of Dana’s versus Andromeda’s spells, I was thinking that Dana’s tend to be fairly minor and short-term, and for the common good (of the office and those around her); where Andromeda’s (or those requested of her) usually seem to be bigger deals, thus there are greater, likely negative, consequences. Maybe there are negative consequences of Dana’s work, but they are minor and no one particularly notices.

  6. WF11 commented on Maria's Day about 1 month ago

    I notice that The Cat in the Hat’s pink bathtub ring stain hasn’t spread much in the snow, but as we know it would only be a matter of time. I trust that The Cat is still around to allow for “Little Cat Z” (if I remember this correctly from about 1959) to take off HIS hat and release the “VOOM” to clean it all up.

  7. WF11 commented on Maria's Day about 1 month ago

    I forgot to check “Maria’s Day” yesterday, so my comment is very late! I remember when I was a kid and hearing this song, and I thought that finding an old silk hat (presumably a top hat, as is always pictured) would be incredibly wonderful, heck with the magic part! In fact, I still think that would be fascinating to find an old hat like that… not something we see anymore (like for the last 80 years or more), and I always think of this when hearing “Frosty”. Also, I always wondered about them “finding” that old silk hat… was it just lying around somewhere, in the snow? How in the world did it get there anyway? Of course I grew up in California and we didn’t have snow anyway, so I guess there was little need of such a hat after all.

  8. WF11 commented on Working Daze about 1 month ago

    Ouch!… Rita’s heels make my feet hurt just looking at them, and I’m a guy (who by the way has never worn women’s high heels, or men’s either for that matter – I’m plenty tall as it is).

  9. WF11 commented on Arlo and Janis 2 months ago

    One learns something every day! I grew up in California and have always lived in various states in the west, and I’d never heard the term “toboggan” used for anything for anything but the sled (I still have mine in my attic, and it is well over 50 years old). To me Arlo is wearing what I would now call a “knit cap” or sometimes a “watch cap”, but in my childhood years would probably have called it a “stocking cap”. Never heard the term “toque” either!

  10. WF11 commented on Working Daze 2 months ago

    Herbie’s hair is still growing back after the computer “mishap” at the end of September? He must have lost a lot more hair than Dana did (of course he was the one up close installing the mouse, or whatever it was he was doing). Poor guy, with the fuzzy scalp he looks even worse than he did before!
    This reminds me a a story I saw in National Lampoon back in the 1970’s, in which every human male on earth (all of whom were watching the Super Bowl) got somehow “zapped” by aliens via the television signal. Except, of course, for the dweeb narrating the story, who instead had been studying for a math test. Being the only man left, every woman on earth was after him!