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  1. bfloxword commented on Pickles 9 days ago

    Mama and I each have a remote. You would laugh your buns off at how badly we screw up the system when we both try to change something at the same time.

  2. bfloxword commented on Luann 10 days ago

    Tenderly tentative,so cautious and careful.We were so certainwe could tease but refrain.

    We were smarter than that.Amused by the chemistry,we felt we could easilyresist the temptation.

    Then, we brushed againsteach other in the lift.and almost that swift,we knew we were doomed

    An avalanche plungeddown the whole mountainsideand half way up the next one over,Tumbling our bodies together…

    You couldn’t have preventedwhat happened therewith a pitchfork, a taser,a fire hose, or even, a flame thrower.

    So…Why, I ask,Why, in God’s Holy Name,Are we now a continent apartLiving with other people?

  3. bfloxword commented on Luann 10 days ago

    i wrote a book a few years back whose plot included the heroine falling in love with a boy she only met twice, the second time being when he took her hostage. When the chemistry is right, it is right, and nothing will stop it.

  4. bfloxword commented on Pickles 13 days ago

    I just hope someone bothers to put my obit in the paper. I loved the ones for my grandparents because they went into detail about their lives. Today, every obit looks pretty much the same. "He was born in ___ on ___. the sone of ___ and ___. He married ___. They had ___ children, ___, ___, and ___. They moved to ___ in ___.

  5. bfloxword commented on The Worst Thing I've Ever Done 21 days ago

    I once had a roomie who had a genetic condition that caused his sweat to have a terrible odor. As he was otherwise a great guy, I decided to get used to it, and I did.

  6. bfloxword commented on Jim Morin 29 days ago

    headed for a general mental snap.

  7. bfloxword commented on Pickles 29 days ago

    my electric can opener saves me having to get out of my recliner every time Mama needs a can opened. you just sit it on top of the can and push the button. no sharp edges left, either.

  8. bfloxword commented on Luann 29 days ago

    pincushion on wrist…grandkids got me a magnetic wrist cuff for me to use when working on projects. It works great, when I remember to use it.

  9. bfloxword commented on Pickles 30 days ago

    Root canal isn’t THAT bad. expensive, though. Sewers and eyes also can be very expensive. ?Second mortgage time?

  10. bfloxword commented on Luann 30 days ago

    people that age are behaving very maturely if they refrain from emotional commitments with people whose goals would be impossible for them to support. Luann wants a quiet, secure family life, Quinn wants the excitement of the stage life. You have to balance ‘love/passion’ with life goals and be willing to compromise a bit.