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  1. badcyclist commented on Mike Luckovich 18 days ago

    We’ll get the Pilgrims to pay for it.

  2. badcyclist commented on Dilbert Classics 18 days ago

    If you willfully deny yourself bacon, cheeseburgers and BBQ, you have my respect and pity.

  3. badcyclist commented on Tom Toles about 1 month ago

    If abandoning your Senate obligations was a sufficient reason not to vote for Obama, then it’s a sufficient reason not to vote for Rubio as well, right?

    I don’t recall Clinton missing an inordinate number of Senate votes— certainly not anywhere near Rubio’s league-leading totals. He hasn’t just been absent— he has completely abdicated his responsibilities.

  4. badcyclist commented on Tom Toles about 1 month ago

    Mr. Carson suggested that he would have rushed the shooter as part of a large group. The smart money says that he would not be at the front of that group. After you, Mr. Carson….

  5. badcyclist commented on Pooch Cafe 2 months ago

    That idea is so crazy, it just might work.

  6. badcyclist commented on Mike Luckovich 3 months ago

    God forbid that Apple is a hugely successful American company that makes great products that millions of people enjoy and use for fun, academics, and business. For shame, Apple.

    Making fun of Apple is one thing (although this cartoon seems pretty lazy in that regard), but the sour apples posting here seem pretty bitter.

  7. badcyclist commented on Jeff Danziger 3 months ago

    Good try at deflecting the point. The US is actually much more welcoming of immigrants than Europe— and has been for centuries.

    The US has always had xenophobic tendencies, but it is a matter of degree— these tendencies are much more pronounced in Europe. The fact remains that the US accepts, every year, far, far more immigrants— both legal and illegal— than Europe.

    The current crisis in Hungary involves only about 5,000 people— it’s a drop in the bucket, and yet Europe still can’t decide what to do. It’s fair criticism on Danziger’s part, and you should admit it, rather than whine.

  8. badcyclist commented on Brewster Rockit 3 months ago

    So why is this page loading our messages twice, and not letting us delete just one of the duplicates? I’m glad it’s not just me, anyway….

  9. badcyclist commented on Brewster Rockit 3 months ago

    You should always get your misdiagnosis from a professional.

  10. badcyclist commented on Mike Luckovich 4 months ago

    He faced a lion with a bow and an arrow. And a gun. And at least two other people with guns. And the lion wasn’t stalking him— it wasn’t even interested in him. It was lured to come to him, where he could ambush it. What the idiot did WAS completely cowardly.