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  1. denko commented on ViewsMidEast about 2 years ago

    Hence ito the cartoon metaphor, Attack the roots of their society… :)

  2. denko commented on ViewsMidEast about 2 years ago

    The Muslim world is going through it’s feminist/sexual revolution.

    Islamic women know that the world treats women with respect and dignity.
    Islamic women know that the rest of the world allows women to become educated.
    Islamic Women know that the rest of the world’s women control their own biology, bodies & hence their sexuality

    These poor little Islamic boys are showing their loss of face, through he man Daesh Ninja stunts. Much like pubescent kids having recently discovered their erections. They’ll grow up, (or get themselves killed in the process).

    But they are now driven to show what big men they are! Not.

    Islam has made these boys a sector of the dumbest group of people on the planet. They wont change. Their stupidity is their culture, which they’ll defend to their graves. Too bad.

    A good army of feminists should rout these weasels. Send these poor Islamic girls 1 000 000’s of issues of the latest western fashion and lifestyle magazines, and let them know what it is to be free. Educate them, change their girls and so their culture, and so win the war on an 8th Century culture that has remained dormant and stagnant in a desert somewhere for the last millennia.

    A culture that long ought to have imploded, but has achieved vitality on the fortuitous deposits of oil, and wealth.

    Where are all the legions of Emily Pankhursts of Arabia, when we need them?


    Just a diametric thought?

    But with some validity? I’d hope.

  3. denko commented on Mike du Jour about 2 years ago

    kate bush

  4. denko commented on Joe Heller over 2 years ago

    Bugger – still too early for the Soccer World Cup Cartoon!

  5. denko commented on Ginger Meggs about 3 years ago


  6. denko commented on Mike du Jour about 3 years ago


  7. denko commented on Mike du Jour over 3 years ago


  8. denko commented on Farcus over 3 years ago

    I never get the cow jokes …its a golf thing, right?

  9. denko commented on Ted Rall over 3 years ago

    Change “Malia”, to “Barbara” or “Jenna” and sell this cartoon via Cagle to the political left?

  10. denko commented on Andertoons over 3 years ago

    he he he!