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  1. redback commented on Working Daze 3 days ago

    well, she’s doing it right now no?

  2. redback commented on Working Daze 4 days ago

    you mean like ‘crush the castle’, the game that was later cloned as ‘angry birds’?

  3. redback commented on Working Daze 6 days ago

    “Shallow” people buy iPhones, smart people buy whatever gets the job done in the best way (normally Androids)

  4. redback commented on Working Daze 13 days ago

    when I was a kid my parents would not let me in arcades, I believe there was an age restriction anyways (not sure about that). But I kept playing pc games (most of them pirated), and even made some of my own (to play those right now I would use dosbox. Cpus today are too fast and if I don’t delay de cpu clock, it will end as soon as i start it). At first I did not know people sold games, I just thought people who made games was just because of fun and wanted to share their work

  5. redback commented on Betty 15 days ago

    I believe there are a gazillion (depending on how many is a gazillion) companies and people who would have been able to retrieve the data. The thing was not probably ‘how to retrieve the data’, but ‘how to retrieve the data in a way that can be used as a proof in a court, does not damage the reputation of one of the biggest companies and one that does not affect the image and the gross domestic income, and does not make public a way to do the same by everybody’.
    Companies claim that there is hardware protection for the fingerprint, I believe the only way to do this effectively would be to include the fingerprint data in the same chip that validates it, and it would have at least two operations: one to store the fingerprint data, and one to validate if the stored data is the same as the one you are trying to validate. The fingerprint data would be write only; it would not come out of that chip even if encrypted (or you could just copy the encryption string). I believe none of current systems work this way, and even if they did, you could just hack the system to by pass the use of that chip. Not to mention that your fingerprint is all over the screen of your phone already.
    You see, you can not get infected a bill paper with malware. Or in the case of a plastic card, of course there are vulnerabilities, but most of them are centered in the bank itself; you are not carrying a whole deal of those vulnerabilities in your pocket. Just because you don’t know how it works, you assume the guy next to you doesn’t either, and that’s why people get their stuff stolen
    But since is the new toy, people are willing to take the risk to play with the new toy

  6. redback commented on Betty 15 days ago

    what happens to your future if you leave the phone somewhere else? is it any different or any easier than using a plastic card?

  7. redback commented on Betty 16 days ago

    no, I don’t think is about accidentally using your fingerprint. Is about all the holes through the process.
    You see, most of the vulnerabilities is because people are so trusting. Security models are based in that you don’t know how it works, but some seller told you it was safe, so you use and let it all to the eggheads that if some of them say is safe, then you use, besides you are one in millions, why would somebody steal from you. But you probably have no idea on the flow of the data, the verification, the holes in all the way, so you can not have an opinion about that. For example, if you make a payment with your watch, but you have to validate with your phone, it means that some data flows between your phone and your watch. Can anybody close retrieve that data? is it easy to break? have you asked that yourself? what happens if somebody put a rfid scanner near your phone while is inside your pocket? is it easy to copy a fingerprint?
    By the way, I still found most ‘smart watches’ not only annoying, but one of the most useless things now days, since they only repeat what the phone does but more uncomfortable, and the functionality depends on having charge both on the cell phone and the watch. When you get a notification, in most cases you want to answer that, which means you have to answer through your watch, which is not practical or comfortable, or take out the phone anyway. Not because somebody put it out there you have to use it

  8. redback commented on Betty 17 days ago

    I find today’s cartoon kind of creepy. Somebody released a pay system with the phone, so now yo have to pay with your phone, even if you do not know the consequences, or advantages, but it would be wrong not to pay with the phone.
    You don’t know how safe is the system, yo have to pay new fees but since is a new payment system, you have to use it, even if you can not find an advantage over the methods you are already using. Kinda creepy

  9. redback commented on Working Daze 26 days ago

    may be if the wish is a small one, then it will not be a new movie but just a tv commercial

  10. redback commented on Working Daze about 1 month ago

    good idea. Drop crazy glue into the lock of Rita’s bathroom, so she has to pay to use it as well