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  1. redback commented on Working Daze 7 days ago

    that is exactly why backups should be used (plus version control and other stuff)

  2. redback commented on Betty 7 days ago

    ..or.. just start and stop procastrinating

  3. redback commented on Working Daze 7 days ago

    and to restore those backups.. type in the computer everything back, or use an ocr application.. though the ocr may recognize only numbers and chars, so all programs must be backed up as source code (so there are no chars that can not be recognized in the ocr) and convert all binaries to some char-safe format.
    cost effective including time required? (quite a fast monk)

  4. redback commented on Working Daze 8 days ago

    magilla gorilla

  5. redback commented on Betty 9 days ago

    spoiler alert: I think that was exactly the plot of all ‘Blade’ sequels

  6. redback commented on Working Daze 9 days ago

    I am aware of that; I am aware that if all characters were the same there would not be any conflict between them and no reason to write a plot, but just like in any TV program you like some characters and some other not so much (so this was not a petition to change his character, as that would mean to change the whole spirit of this cartoon)

  7. redback commented on Working Daze 9 days ago

    so far I have not liked Roy character.. such a whiny and needy person that even seems to be proud to act as a big baby sometimes.. and this does not make me appreciate him better (tough being just a drawing, I think he does not mind..)

  8. redback commented on Working Daze 13 days ago

    say, what don’t you use your skills to a good use. You can write to the people from gocomics about those side popups, if you rant and annoy them like you do here every day, I am sure we can have a nagware free site again in no time..

  9. redback commented on Betty 14 days ago

    Alex, a sloppy woman who use other people as tools gets the dream Betty had.. but it was actually Alex who did something about it.. Betty just sat in front of the paper saying she could not do it, while Alex at least started writing something

  10. redback commented on Working Daze 16 days ago

    the idea seems really nice (kind of baffling coming from Rita), but they probably would have to change the name (trademark infringement), and with other name, people would not know what is it about