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  1. redback commented on Betty 4 days ago

    nice to see the idea of saving, but things like ‘counting squares’ (from yesterday) are impractical and ridiculous

  2. redback commented on Working Daze 7 days ago


    taken from a list that contained more lists, but many links were broken, or were plain lame

  3. redback commented on Betty 7 days ago

    not just funny (though this cartoon is funny in general), but something we can relate to

  4. redback commented on Betty 7 days ago

    I’ve seen that for printed books, Amazon now offers to ‘rent’ them. I don’t know what it means, I prefer to but books and have them available whenever I need to use them as a reference, but is an interesting idea if you want to save (with many cons though)

  5. redback commented on Working Daze 7 days ago

    whenever I hear somebody talk about fortran or cobol is like hearing ‘back in my days’..

    fortran is in the family tree of every imperative languaje, but is too basic.. just a step above assembler

    cobol was widely used (therefore the y2k glitch), but besides of the y2k glitch, there were jokes that whoever learned in cobol, was destined to do bad programming (though my father used to program in cobol)

    it is true that basic introduced many people to programming, but as they were introduced to programming through basic (myself included), they (we) were introduced in the wrong way (see strip from yesterday). They though it would be cool to put in the language operands like ‘switches’ with open cases (cases that don’t belong to a single value), or use variables that have not been declared, or basically anything the placed in that ugly language. Then people who started programming with that, though it was cool to use many operands that only made the code hard to read and that spaghetti programing made them ‘leet’. Everybody who started with basic had to forget what they learned (like getting rid of gotos), and learn to program well.

    a pretty, nice, clean all purpose language: pascal. too bad it was basic the one included in the pc dos

    the best language ever: c (and c++, java and all that came after that, derived from c). remembering dennis ritchie

  6. redback commented on Working Daze 8 days ago

    yes, most languages still have goto, but in most languages is considered a bad practice (and most of them have restrictions for their use, and it also requires to place name tags or instruction numbers), because it means you weren’t able to design your code as functional blocks; by the way, everything you can do with goto, you can do it some other way.
    to leave a block code there is the break statement, which besides of switch, I never have used it. The only real use for goto nowdays is in assembler (at least in x86), there is no ‘else’ at assembler level, so ‘else’ is implemented by saying, if condition is false, jump (goto) to the instruction after the if else block. I believe goto was one of the reasons basic got is lousy reputation (amongst other things)

  7. redback commented on Betty 8 days ago

    or, simply assign a fixed quota. If you want to buy something for yourself, you already know how much do you have, instead of expending all you got every time you got something. May learn the value of saving

  8. redback commented on Betty 19 days ago

    I am familiar with a similar case but with travels and health care. An acquaintance of mine was traveling to some place where the conditions where not too much favorable, I insisted she should at least find where were the nearest places where she could get medical attention and so on; she took that suggestion as being bitter or lame; on the other hand, if you think about those things while on a leisure travel, is like you are thinking before hand that something bad is gonna happen, and you are losing the fun part

  9. redback commented on Working Daze 19 days ago

    tnx for your answer, I have no authority to say from which time was this dress, I saw it as ‘hippie’ so I said 60s

  10. redback commented on Working Daze 19 days ago

    dressing like she was in the 60s would make her look younger?