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  1. redback commented on Betty about 16 hours ago

    No, I think that is exactly the point of a travel agent (if the trip is long enough to form an opinion). Somebody who visited somewhere as a tourist and can give advice to others about, as a tourist, what did that person liked and what didn’t like; which difficulties were during the trip and how to overcome them and that kind of stuff.

    On the other hand, I don’t believe a travel agency would hire somebody for advice on just one country (unless that person works as freelance and they submit him or her people who want to visit that particular country)

  2. redback commented on Betty 1 day ago

    Concerning yesterday, one way to go could be to start north (probably Milan), then go south as far as you are willing to travel (passing through Rome which is in the middle), then go back to Rome when you are about to return; this, so you spend more time in cities instead of traveling from one extreme to the other.

    Also, though is obvious is good to keep in mind that most gps apps require a data plan (unless you use here maps), and your current phone probably will not have a data plan there; also, even tough you may buy a prepaid sim or a prepaid data plan, you current phone is probably locked, and will not work with the sim that you buy there (but that will not prevent the phone camera from working, though)

  3. redback commented on Betty 1 day ago

    I also suggest to research the good stuff and the bad stuff from each site, and how to avoid it. I.e, you don’t want to ruin the rest of your trip if something happens to your personal stuff

  4. redback commented on Betty 2 days ago

    I suggest make a budget, make a list of places, things you would like to see, make a list of available time for the travel and search ways to travel to each place. Many places are near each other (Venice, Padua, Milano is also north), Florence is north but more southern than that and Naples & Capri are way southern than that

  5. redback commented on Betty 10 days ago

    by the way, Betty is a wimp. And pretend that everything is ok because she did not got promoted, makes her look even worse

  6. redback commented on Betty 10 days ago

    is physics separate from intelligence? you normally would say the contrary; you need intelligence to understand physics. Is something smart because when you stop grabbing it, it will fall because of gravity? hardly.
    The intelligence is not because of physics, but because we can understand a relation of cause and consequence, and solve problems. The same applies to emotions, only the variables are different; and instead of mass values and so on, you apply rational tough about the consequences of your acts

  7. redback commented on Working Daze 26 days ago

    well, she’s doing it right now no?

  8. redback commented on Working Daze 27 days ago

    you mean like ‘crush the castle’, the game that was later cloned as ‘angry birds’?

  9. redback commented on Working Daze 29 days ago

    “Shallow” people buy iPhones, smart people buy whatever gets the job done in the best way (normally Androids)

  10. redback commented on Working Daze about 1 month ago

    when I was a kid my parents would not let me in arcades, I believe there was an age restriction anyways (not sure about that). But I kept playing pc games (most of them pirated), and even made some of my own (to play those right now I would use dosbox. Cpus today are too fast and if I don’t delay de cpu clock, it will end as soon as i start it). At first I did not know people sold games, I just thought people who made games was just because of fun and wanted to share their work