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  1. M Mackenzie commented on The Flying McCoys 4 days ago

    C’mon you guys whaddya want, correct grammar or funny pictures? The McCoy boys are cartoonists, not grammarians.

  2. M Mackenzie commented on Rubes 5 days ago

    Some right wing clowns just have to inject politics into everything, no matter how inappropriate. They think they’re clever, but the reality is they’re just boring and childish.

  3. M Mackenzie commented on The Flying McCoys 5 days ago

    Does dad sound bitter at all?

  4. M Mackenzie commented on The Bent Pinky 5 days ago

    All you rednecks should know that some dangers come with eating wild rabbit, squirrel, and other rodent meat. Wild rabbits and squirrels often ingest tapeworm eggs. The eggs hatch inside the animal and the larvae migrate to all parts of the animal’s tissue. If eaten in this infected state the disease is passed onto humans. Other parasites can also be present in the meat of rabbits and squirrels, or in the meat of any other wild animal as well. A common disease in rabbits is called tularemia. It can be passed onto humans if the rabbit is not cooked properly. The disease is most often passed onto humans when the animal is butchered without gloves, a common practice. Squirrels carry prions, which are infectious particles in their bones and brain. Prions are similar to the infection that causes mad cow disease. Bon appetite Billy Bob.

  5. M Mackenzie commented on B.C. 5 days ago

    He could sell ice to Eskimos.

  6. M Mackenzie commented on Aunty Acid 5 days ago

    You go girl—some blockheads simply are not going to get the message unless you hit them over the head with something big and heavy.

  7. M Mackenzie commented on The Bent Pinky 7 days ago

    I see it fine using IE.

  8. M Mackenzie commented on Get a Life 8 days ago

    And apparently everything you know about men you learned from Kim Kardashian.

  9. M Mackenzie commented on The Elderberries 8 days ago

    My kind of woman…in a few years.

  10. M Mackenzie commented on Lug Nuts 10 days ago

    Not funny.