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  1. gary jeror commented on Pluggers 4 months ago

    I like the call letters N8JKO, not sure about N8 J-Joseph K-Koskovics O-Ohio. The person who sent it in??

  2. gary jeror commented on Non Sequitur about 1 year ago

    I like paying an extra $25 in my paycheck, when I get the return it is my little vacation time. If I put it in the bank for the little interest I spend it. So each to their own.

  3. gary jeror commented on Alley Oop about 1 year ago

    kidnapping, holding one against their will, etec DUH!

  4. gary jeror commented on Pluggers over 1 year ago

    I had to walk a mile to school, but then it back fired they built the school right next door to m home. I attended 5th and 6th there and the littlest mistake my parents got a visit from my teachers who just had to walk about 500feet to the front door.

  5. gary jeror commented on Luann over 2 years ago

    He couldn’t sleep o the plane, going to Viet Nam in 66 we slept a lot on the plane, my wife is from the Philippines and we sleep a lot on the plane when we fly there and back. The only problem is they are 12 hours difference, so when we get there at 6AM to our 6PM back home in Florida.

  6. gary jeror commented on Dick Tracy over 2 years ago

    M/M is on the coupe and it is going where her family is and taking the bad guys with her. That’s the best guess I have.

  7. gary jeror commented on Non Sequitur almost 3 years ago

    This looks like the one where the guy retired except his arms are down, I had that one hanging on my wall for 2 years before I retired in 2911. Can we say recycle.

  8. gary jeror commented on Luann almost 3 years ago

    Belly Button,check out “I Dream of Jeannie” no belly button!

  9. gary jeror commented on Pickles almost 3 years ago

    you put your finger in your nose to go to booger king and those thin black or brown things that come out with your booger king (hairs) are known as fries.

  10. gary jeror commented on Pickles almost 3 years ago

    when my ex-wife use to say we need to paint this and we started when I would look around it would only be me!