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Dick Tracy

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  1. Chief Patton commented on Dick Tracy 27 days ago

    As for what happened to the Nitrates, I have to line up here with Willy and Pequod.

    Tracy did the right thing by immediately calling for the rescue team. What else was there to do? Sprocket drove the car into the icy water, and is content to remain in the water. Silver is panicking, but what can he do other than perhaps open a window or door and probably accelerate his death? Since they have some air, he may be figuring the best thing to do is wait and see if the police can pull them out in time. Maybe some device can be activated in the car to save the couple, but who’s going to turn it on? Silver doesn’t know how to drive and may know much about how the car works. Sprocket wants her abusive brother and herself dead. That’s where we left them.

    If one or both bodies do end up missing, Tracy will hear about it and I guess we will, too, especially if there are plans someday to bring them back. Otherwise, I assume like Tracy that the Nitrates have died or will die soon. I’m quite all right with leaving the story right there, but that’s just my opinion.

    I know Gould probably would have shown the police pulling the car out of the water and probably the dead bodies, too. Granted. So in this respect Curtis is not Gould. Maybe there are limits on what he is able to address in such a story, we just don’t know. Is that any reason to jump Curtis and Staton after giving us yet another wonderful story as Pequod so aptly pointed out?

    Pequod, your last post said it much better than I can, but I agree with you 100%. Thank you for that.

  2. Chief Patton commented on Dick Tracy 27 days ago

    Today’s strip is gorgeous! I like Mysta’s apartment, the model space coupe, and especially the lovely Mysta.

    I admit my initial sadness and disappointment that she turned out not to be the real Moon Maid. It was hard to comment on the strip for awhile after that ending. But now that I’m getting past those feelings, I can’t help but think the new Mysta has many interesting times ahead, especially with Honeymoon now bonding with her and the moon governor and his people lurking.

    If nothing else, Miss Chimera is certainly a delight to look at. Much more attractive than Gould ever drew Moon Maid, made even more so by the competent colorist now working on this strip. No more blue horns and green hair, yaay! Two more reasons this pretty blonde has seriously grown on me.

    Probably the best news as others have mentioned is that Mysta’s transformation is apparently continuing. If this means we’ll end up with a “virtual” Mysta, reborn through modern genetics and magical moon DNA to act as the bridge to reviving a long neglected part of the strip’s canon, it won’t be the impossible outcome I was hoping for (the original Moon Maid back from the dead), but I will still be a very happy camper.

  3. Chief Patton commented on Dick Tracy 3 months ago

    Way cool! Didn’t see this coming, but glad it did. Very good to know that Mysta has not been forgotten and will be seen again, soon I hope.

  4. Chief Patton commented on Dick Tracy 6 months ago

    “When’s the Moon People gonna show up again? And do you think Mysta Chimera will eventually grow real Lunarian horns and gain real Lunarian powers eventually?”
    Yes and yes! Of course I’m one of those glass half full guys. The new Mysta has the original Mysta’s genes, and they have radically changed her eyes. I have to think more changes are in store. And I’m of the opinion that we will see the moon people again sooner than later. And I hope Notta Chin Chillar is close behind!

  5. Chief Patton commented on Dick Tracy 6 months ago

    Holy Cow! This is a wonderful surprise! I’ve been mourning Mysta all week, but seeing the moonies at her grave site today makes me feel a lot better. Maybe we haven’t seen the end of the revived Moon Era after all.

  6. Chief Patton commented on Dick Tracy 6 months ago

    Also, great detective work by Willy007! I went back and read his Yahoo posts this afternoon, and it’s fun seeing how he put all the pieces together. The clues and hints were all there, and he solved the grand mystery no one else was able to figure out. Kudos to you, Willy! You are a super sleuth! I hope Mike names a character after you!

  7. Chief Patton commented on Dick Tracy 6 months ago

    It’s taken me a few days to process all this.

    It looks like Mysta Mindy will have limited dealings with the Tracy family in the future. That makes sense though I have to admit I was initially a little disappointed.

    About her physical alterations, I don’t understand how she didn’t know her electrical powers were connected to the “ray blasters” in her gloves? Or is she hardwired now in a way that doesn’t make that connection obvious? Well, we’ll probably never know.

    I kinda agree with others that her genetic transformation probably isn’t over and that she’ll continue to develop moon powers. I hope so.

    Also, good choice on not going back to being Glenna Mindy! Save your dinero, Diet, no one would want to go back to looking like that!

    So it looks like we have Mysta back with us. A very strange and unexpected way to get her back, but since she’s not personally related to the Tracys after all, it will allow Mike Curtis to develop her character in new ways. I kind of like that idea come to think of it.

    This new Mysta is growing on me!

  8. Chief Patton commented on Dick Tracy 6 months ago

    I feel the same way. Like I’m mourning Mysta all over again. This reveal is leaving me feeling pretty empty inside, to tell you the truth. I’m going to have to process this for a few days.

  9. Chief Patton commented on Dick Tracy 6 months ago

    “It certainly is the clear implication of Junior’s words that “Moon Maid” is not the original Mysta, no matter who she turns out to be, really.”

    This is what I am thinking too. I have wanted the original Moon Maid back for so long, but it looks like it is not to be. But it will be good to know finally who and what she is.

    I think Moon Maid will stick around after this is over. I think the new poster with Moon Maid getting equal billing is proof she is here to stay! And that’s a very good thing no matter what we may learn.

  10. Chief Patton commented on Dick Tracy 6 months ago

    Sail thought Ghote was the one who convinced Diet to bring the space coupe. But it was Diet’s idea. I’m thinking now this entire “theft” was planned by Diet so he could sabotage the coupe and send the passengers….where?