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  1. Mozleron commented on Doonesbury over 4 years ago

    If the problem is too many ineligible voters, why not work to make them eligible? Why is the discussion on illegal aliens always so focused on keeping them out? We’ve shown time and again that our economy thrives in part because of people willing to come here and work what the rest of us would consider distasteful. So, why not find a way to make them welcome and able to escape the poverty and chaos back home legally? Why does it have to be so difficult to become a citizen?

    More to the point of the comic: If the only people that are allowed to vote are the rich, white, land owning males, then what sort of votes will they cast come election times? Does anyone actually believe they will be altruistic enough in any meaningful and significant numbers to cast votes that could in any possible way be construed as to be in anyone’s interest but their own? I think we can see how that worked out in the era spanning post-reconstruction through the 1950s in the former Confederate states.

    It is odd to me that there seems to be a strong correlation between perpetrators of the worst bigotry and hate and those that also claim to be followers of particular sects of the dominant religion of the landmass. I seem to recall there being a few passages within nearly all versions of their sacred book about being good to each other, doing unto others as you want them to do unto you, and one other bit about some kind of reckoning for ones actions in the end. If there was an actual belief in the latter, then it would seem to be mutually exclusive with the former. Since those do not seem to be mutually exclusive as shown by actions (which, we are told, speak louder than words), then it tells me the latter is merely being used as a simple pretext to make the former seem ok, thus making it acceptable to be a total dick to your neighbors.