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  1. Oxnate commented on Pearls Before Swine 7 days ago

    So that’s where it went.

  2. Oxnate commented on The Duplex 17 days ago

    The truth, the whole truth, and nothing by the truthiness.

  3. Oxnate commented on Free Range 21 days ago

    Democracy is the wolves and the sheep arguing over who will be eaten.

  4. Oxnate commented on Pearls Before Swine 23 days ago

    This strip would cost a fortune to print out.

  5. Oxnate commented on Pearls Before Swine 27 days ago

    Similar Idea.

  6. Oxnate commented on Brevity about 1 month ago

    Artificial sweeteners cause diabetes.

  7. Oxnate commented on Close to Home about 1 month ago

    Okay, I probably put way too much thought into this. But I found an old chatroom where a pilot burned 3361 gallons of fuel flying DFW to SEA, a 3 hour and 48 minute flight. 3361gallons/3.8hours = 885 gallons per hour. — According to https://www.airnav.com/fuel/report.html, JetA is currently selling for an average of $5.39 per gallon in the Great Lakes region. So an hour and a half movie would cost around $7,150.

  8. Oxnate commented on Bliss about 1 month ago

    Lunch Lady Land

  9. Oxnate commented on Cornered about 1 month ago

    Can’t you help me out here, nurse?

  10. Oxnate commented on Free Range about 1 month ago

    Send it back down to earth and forget about it.