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  1. Oxnate commented on Frog Applause about 17 hours ago

    I like to lurk.

  2. Oxnate commented on Andertoons 1 day ago

    All hail the HypnoToad

  3. Oxnate commented on Birdbrains 4 days ago

    And he said, “Ooh Ee Ooh Ah Ah, Ting Tang, Walla Walla Bing Bang.”

  4. Oxnate commented on Birdbrains 6 days ago

    And here I thought Custer was trying to slaughter a village. A village that turned out to be a lot bigger than he thought.

  5. Oxnate commented on Dark Side of the Horse 6 days ago

    Procrastinate Later!

  6. Oxnate commented on Frog Applause 13 days ago

    Girls are too picky.

  7. Oxnate commented on Off the Mark 18 days ago

    3/14/15 9:26:54

  8. Oxnate commented on Close to Home 18 days ago

    … and was killed by the impact.

  9. Oxnate commented on Frog Applause 23 days ago

    Studies have shown that Peer-Pressure marketing is the most effective form of marketing.* Telling people that their neighbors are doing something makes them much more likely to do that thing. For example, the IRS rolled out e-filing many years ago now. Their marketing initially focused on the growth of e-filing year to year until they reached 50%, then they focused on ‘more than half’.
    I don’t know if the reverse is true, but personally, I wouldn’t risk saying something like “subscriber numbers are dropping” again.
    *I’m pretty sure I read that in the Freakenomics books.

  10. Oxnate commented on Speed Bump 23 days ago

    And a shooting range for the guards on the other side.