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  1. Major_JF commented on Free Range 6 months ago

    On the Bright side no one would notice it.

  2. Major_JF commented on Ziggy 6 months ago

    3…2…1… BOOM!!!

  3. Major_JF commented on Frazz 6 months ago

    Whiteheron got most of it. It is also 15 degrees = 1 hour. So that is 14 hours or the conversation was taking place at about 10am.

  4. Major_JF commented on Speechless 6 months ago

    You are lucky that this is speechless. There is no way you could get it past the censors otherwise. :)

  5. Major_JF commented on Moderately Confused 6 months ago

    No, no, the badge is for UN-knotting them.

  6. Major_JF commented on Scott Stantis 7 months ago

    Since a non zero amount of the lights have been shown to be tampered with so that the yellow is less than the legal minimum so that the cameras could catch more people.

  7. Major_JF commented on Speechless 8 months ago

    I wonder how this would look on a door mat?

  8. Major_JF commented on Bound and Gagged 8 months ago

    And with that you get ~20% of 4000 vehicles.

  9. Major_JF commented on Strange Brew 8 months ago

    The original question is flawed. When analyzed the question reads if there isn’t a conscious observer do the laws of physics still apply?

  10. Major_JF commented on Soulmates 9 months ago

    But they can’t walk.