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  1. David Gulledge commented on Michael Ramirez 3 months ago

    The Roman Empire had the right idea on how to handle these people, it worked for 1000 years. Decimation, if that did not work, they used the Marine motto, “Kill them all, let God sorts them out”. They understand force.

  2. David Gulledge commented on The Fusco Brothers 7 months ago

    The word is “constituency”, I figured someone would see that in the quote the other day.

  3. David Gulledge commented on Jerry Holbert 11 months ago

    If your taxes and fees are raised, are your wages lowered? If your answer is no, you are a fool and a Democrat. Complain about elephants.

  4. David Gulledge commented on Lalo Alcaraz about 1 year ago

    My conduct is not a result of your attitude, nor is the conduct of protestors in Ferguson a result of anyone’s attitude toward them. Their conduct is a result of bad parenting, and illogical thinking. Society does not own you a living, nor a life, get off your butt, raise your kids to think for themselves. Don’t be a sheep.

  5. David Gulledge commented on Stuart Carlson over 2 years ago

    Why don’t you all move to Chicago and whine with bullets flying by? Chicago has plenty of laws that do not work. Get real people, deal with your OWN children while they are alive and take responsibility for yourself and stop whining for someone to protect you.

  6. David Gulledge commented on Ken Catalino over 2 years ago

    Chicago has plenty of laws, last I heard they were not working. Oh wait, Chicago is black on black crime that does not count. How about we TEACH our children to behave! We take control and RESPONSIBILITY for our own actions and deal with the fools that are causing problems in ALL neighborhoods.

  7. David Gulledge commented on Ken Catalino over 2 years ago

    Exactly what law do you want changed, Justice?

  8. David Gulledge commented on Matt Bors over 2 years ago

    Who defends your home at a moment’s notice? The police? The National Guard? YOU do or not, your choice. The police come AFTER a crime has been committed. Duh. Use the best weapon you have! Your MIND! Think people, you are responsible for you and your family’s safety. That criminal WILL be armed, will you be? Or you can wait on the cops to pick up the pieces when they arrive or not, if you live in Oregon.